It Came As Quite A Shock…

After the Christmas rush to the shops, all the preparations for the forthcoming family dinner, the wrapping of presents and all the house cleaning in time for the relatives inspection (white gloves along the bannister) came the scoffing of said Christmas feast and the great unwrapping of presents and the diplomatic averting of WWIII by pretending not to notice the white glove relative.

This left Mrs. Magic with a rather painful right shoulder. More painful than usual as she has been suffering for a while now. So in a festive bid to help ease her pain and suffering I went out on Boxing Day and perused the high street “medical emporiums.”  I was able to purchase a machine of magnificence and benefaction in the form of a T.E.N.S. device.

“Transcutaeneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” has been around for a number of years now, and besides I could,nt get any leeches! The actual device, which is portable, is no more bigger than a standard size envelope and has four electrodes which can be positioned in various areas on the body according to the location of the pain. By a process of passing an electrical pulse from the machine to the nerve endings within the musculature around or near to the site of the pain, pain relief can be gained. 


T.E.N.S. machine

What I forgot to tell Mrs. Magic was that you should avoid other electrical equipment. This, with great hindsight, I should have done before allowing Mrs.Magic to go to work. She is a call centre manager, and as such she is near to lots of other electrical equipment….lots! 


Mrs. Magic taking a phone call…! 

I am making a note of what to buy for Mrs.Magic next Christmas…possibly a big hairbrush or an even bigger hat! 



4 Responses to It Came As Quite A Shock…

  1. nicenurse says:

    Whilst it pains me to be serious, please don’t underestimate the benefits of the TENS machine, used with patients on the oncology ward, very effective. Also consider Ibulieve Gel (Ibuprofen gel), very good too.

    Take care, hope 2007 looks after you,


  2. ian says:

    LOL, and how long did the “hair” effect last

  3. Kingmagic says:

    Mrs. Magic uses ibruleve gel…and enough painkillers that would floor an elephant!
    The TENS machine seems to be working at the moment, only time will tell.

    The hair is back to normal now, although street lights dim as she walks/drives by.

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