The Shining…!

May 26, 2009

Heres Johnny!

‘Heres Johnny!!!’

Another instance of the ever increasing dangers in my profession. It wont be too long before one of us is killed! We need better equipment and better training. Ideally TASER along with complete body armour and shields! Unfortunately these attacks make it difficult to let your guard down and you can find your self treating each patient with suspicion and distrust. As I’ve said before this is becoming all too common and sooner, rather than later, one of us will die!

click link Paramedics held hostage by knife man! 

Until then we will carry on without stab vests, radios that don’t work and non practical ‘crisis resolution training’.I personally don’t like going into blocks of flats as the potential for things to go very ‘Pete Tong’are great. On occasion I have had to dodge the odd TV or fridge being dropped from an upper floor balcony on approach to the lobby. Or the lifts don’t work, or there are gangs of ‘yoofs’ hanging around. All too often these flats are inhabited by drug dealers and users.

We should be issued with some kind of protection in addition to stab vests. CS gas would be a good start…it would at least give us a chance to run instead of having to defend ourselves with an O2 bag or blanket!

Tom Reynolds

This article from Tom Reynolds of  ‘Random Acts…’  in 2007 (click on pic for story) reinforces my belief that things are getting worse. We need to protect our selves because it is not being taken seriously and that is why I can see one of my colleagues, or even myself, being killed whilst on duty. We have laws in place to protect us…but a piece of paper is not going to stop a knife, bullet or fist from hurting us. It needs sorting…NOW! 

Bimble on a Bulb…!

May 25, 2009

blue bulb

Recovering from another hectic night shift! It was manic! We did 13 jobs in a 12 hour shift. It was the usual hotch potch mix of the weird and wonderful with a couple of real life threatening cases thrown in.

Starting at 1900 hours and 9 minutes into checking out the truck we got our first job…and that’s when the fun and games began!

  • 20 year old male with…flu like symptoms. He had…Flu!
  • 93 year old lady fallen from a chair…no injuries.
  • 22 year old male confused…totally drunk!
  • Male early twenties assaulted…minor head injury. Drink related.
  • One of our regular callers, assaulted…he is a knob! Drink related. I would assault him!
  • Male laid out in the street, aggressive…drunk!
  • 8 year female, neck injury…fell off swing…c spine immobilisation to be on the safe side!
  • 58 year old male, diabetic hypo…unconscious with a BM of 1.1! Recovered after injection of Glucagon.
  • 18 year old female with abdo pain…query ectopic pregnancy.
  • Female in twenties?…heroin overdose…respiratory arrest!
  • Female age unknown, collapsed…drunk!
  • 20 year old female…tampon stuck! (you know where!)…Drunk!
  • 61 year old male, SOB (shortness of breath)…resps 40 per min, BP down, heart rate 140 per min!

Only seven jobs out of thirteen that were drink related! That was good going, usually its more so I count myself lucky that we only had seven alcohol based jobs!

The heroin overdose was full on. We were directed into a dingy downstairs room where we found her…unconscious, cyanosed and in respiratory arrest. She looked like she was too far gone at first but she had a good radial pulse of approx 100 per min. I bagged her with the BVM to get some O2 into her body while my crew mate drew up the NARCAN for me. After giving her two lots of 400 ‘mikes’ NARCAN I.M. she made a respiratory effort. It was assisted with the old ‘sit up and yank’.

her od 

She finally started to breath for herself and then opened her eyes…I advised her to come with us to A/E as the NARCAN would wear off after a short while…with which she told us to ‘F**k off!’ We left advice with her ‘friend’ (who had been sharing a ‘pin’ (needle) with her that night but he said he did not know her…at all! Strange people some of these IV drug users! But…if he had not called us I’m pretty sure she would have died and become yet another statistic.

So…that was one lot of jobs for one crew on a typical night shift. And all the other crews were just as busy with similiar incidents. Some went to stabbings, others went to RTCs, a few went to serious assaults (where the patient eventually ended up in ICU) and one crew went to the classic…‘foreign object up rectum!’

‘Bimble on a Bulb’

Driving ‘on the light’ with a sense of urgency but not in a fast manner. 

amb night

Chillin’…Night Shift Approaches!!!

May 18, 2009

Just sorting out bits and pieces, catching up on admin and generally chewing the cud. Playing this at the moment to soothe me into the night shift.

During my night shifts…??? Probably change to ‘Twisted Fire Starter’ by the Prodigy as I’m contemplating smacking seven colours of **** out of some chav moron!!!  Whats your favourite piece to ease you into work and what would it change to (assuming you are in a different line of work to me?) 


#Fire! Fire!…Fetch the Engine!#…Ooops!

May 18, 2009

fire trucks

I’ve been following this over the past few days. For any other emergency service or any other industry for that matter, this would be seen as a major embarrassment, a huge, cringe making, red faced absolutely full on decades worth of piss taking material.

Not for the Fire Brigade (Service) though. I have always envied their PR machine, it is second to none. Read any paper anywhere in the country and when the Fire Brigade are mentioned in relation to an incident you would think they were the only ones there and that the Ambulance and Police bods had not even attended.

That is because we, the Ambulance Service and the Police, are too busy to make sure the papers and reporters have got all the details of the incident attended. We have more important things to do. So, in the public eye, it is the Fire Brigade that does everything. Don’t get me wrong…when they do attend a serious incident they do really earn their money. 

So in the instance of the loss of several very expensive fire appliances, they still manage to knock out the usual spiel about how well they had done fighting the fire. If it was some disaster within the Ambulance Service or Police, even of a minor nature, there would be no mention of daring do and heroic deeds…it would be recrimination and calls for sackings.

This is not a side swipe at Trumpton (our colleagues in arms) but a view on their capacity to utilise the press to the best advantage. Have a look at some of the other papers that reported this and the comments from other fire chiefs will have you reaching for the vomit bowl! 

trumpton fire brigade


May 8, 2009

Classic spoof clip

I remember watching Rainbow as a kid many moons ago. It was naff! I preferred watching Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. But I’ve just rediscovered this clip of Rainbow and it made me laugh until I thought my teeth were going to fall out!  I know its old but its a classic!

BEWAREAdult content (but of a humour that would suit a ten year old!)

Click on Rainbow picture or here for the clip.

Captain Scarlet2m31zbp    joe90Thunderbird-2                                                         

Full Monty…well almost!!!

May 7, 2009

There is an age old law stipulating that is an offence to buy alcohol whilst in uniform. I think it harks back to the days of the Bow Street Runners or early Robert Peel Police? (Any Police officers out there please correct me if I’m wrong)

But I don’t know where or when it crossed over to the other emergency services or anyone else in uniform. We seem to be living in a bizarre country where it is the norm for people to get killed or maimed by criminals on a daily basis and virtually get off  with a paltry sentence.

But law abiding, and community contributing, citizens are being harassed by petty officialdom and archaic laws. TESCO’s (and some other leading companies) are leading the way in pissing people off with their interpretation of law and policy. Asking senior citizens for proof of age or refusing to sell someone a spoon because one had been implicated in a murder are others that spring to mind!

Now an off duty Paramedic had to resort to drastic measures when refused a bottle of wine in a TESCO’s supermarket. He was interviewed by Police and may face Ambulance Service disciplinary proceedings on top! What are we doing in this once great country?

This is the report of the incident.   


Paramedic saving a life without first checking what the patient is wearing!

The list of stupid rules seems to be growing on an hourly basis! Anyone else heard of stuff like this and what should, or can, we do to redress the balance?

Swine Flu…or When Bears Go Bad…!!!

May 2, 2009

With the current epidemic of swine flu sweeping the world and the huge amount of information on the subject available at your finger tips I like the simplified ‘Winnie the Pooh’ guideline. It makes much more sense…and raises a chuckle.

WARNING…read the full cartoon before showing to your children or they will look at Winnie the Pooh in an entirely different light!


Thanks to Theo Spark.