Booze Britain…

December 11, 2006


A rather interesting series of episodes on the binge drinking culture of our fair islands has been screened recently on digital T.V. To me it is just a rerun of all the jobs that I have attended at sometime or another in my career. To my wife, Mrs. Magic, it is a real eye opener. She is astounded at some of the antics that goes on in and around the drinking streets/establishments of our towns and cities. More than once I have had to explain that these are not isolated incidents….this is how it is on the streets (or in da hood!).

Firstly, the prelude to a “good night out”, is to start early at home with some friends. This can include knocking back a bottle each of “Buckfast” (a very potent tonic wine of the Scottish variety), drinking copious amounts of “Lambrini” (wine like lemonade which seems to appeal to women in white shoes and visiable thongs) and/or drinking plenty of spirits. As you would imagine some people are ratarsed before they even leave home!

Not content with getting as much booze down their necks in as short a time as possible, some even devise ways of absorbing the alcohol more quickly. One way is to “snort” the spirits through the nose (leads to faster absorbtion through the mucus membrane and bypasses the liver to a degree), and the other is the “strawpedo” whereby a straw is placed in the bottle and then contents are drunk very quickly leading to a quicker rush. It was interesting to see one lad who had vomitted 5 times already (once before he even left his house!), inhale his drink and then lo and behold he is ill again! 


What caught my attention in one episode was seeing a police officer actually arresting someone for being “drunk & incapable”! I thought I was seeing things….why cant this happen more often? I had my own preconceived ideas on this but they have now changed since reading “Wasting Police Time” by PC David Copperfield. A must read book! I did get the impression though that the police were trying to palm off some of the drunks onto either taxi drivers (who dont want vomitting passengers) or onto us the ambulance service. At the end of the day they should be charged a fee for going to hospital for a drink related issue or arrested and made to face the consequences of their actions! The drunks not the police.


Another thing that caught my attention was seeing an ambulance RRV/RFU running people home! Bollocks!! We have been trying for years to rid ourselves of this taxi image and here is someone giving the green light for drunks to think its okay to call an ambulance! Beggars belief!

But what else amazes me is….how much do these people earn that they can go out 3 or 4 times a week and get blitzed? We will see a massive increase in the numbers of chronic alcoholics and acute alcohol poisonings. What we need is zero tolerance for drink related crime….drunks/assaults/criminal damage etc. then maybe people will think twice about what they are doing. We live in hope!!!