One More Sausage Roll For The Road…..

December 23, 2006

I,m feeling a little bit fragile at the moment. It was our station Christmas Bash last night!

Everything was there in place for a night of fun filled jollification and discotheque type japes. The D.J. was playing his records….on vinyl, so they kept slipping and ending the songs about 30 seconds into them.

The venue had provided, free of charge, two drunk women dancing on the floor. Nobody had a clue who they were, I think they got lost from one of the other parties going on next door! (Not a good sight seeing two drunk women trying to dance, and not bothering about their fat flesh wobbling over their hipsters.)

The “buffet” was amazing! It was just like a scene from Scooby Do with the same things being seen from one end to the other…..”sandwichs….quiche….eggs….sausage rolls….sandwichs….quiche….eggs….sausage rolls” (thanks to Peter Kaye for the analogy).

I ate some of it and regretted it straight away. You just sometimes know that something is not quite right when you taste it. This was the case in point with the “sausage roll”. It was spicey…..very spicy…..I mean really f*%^ing spicey!!! I couldnt, and still cant, get rid of the taste. And I,ve been to the “Great White Telephone” 3 times so far!

My ears are still ringing from when the D.J. cranked up the volume on his discotheque machine thingy. Good selection of tunes I thought….not! There was not one person in the room who was a Chav but we got subjected to a fair bit of rapper M.C. “in the hood” “all the police are pigs” “your mothers a motherf*&%ing pimp” type music. Nice.

I still cant hear properly…..its bloody annoying! 


Anyway I hope everyone has a brill Christmas and a superb New Year……have a safe one……Kingmagic.