Getting the old Bergan ready….

October 31, 2006

Off to the Lake District tomorrow for a few days walking and climbing. Cant wait. Need to go to the city and buy a bergan liner and some nixwax for my jacket….guaranteed to sile down with rain when I get there.

Had some Guiness last night after finishing my run of night shifts….always helps me to turn around and get my sleep patterns back to normal. Also very healthy and full of iron and vitamins so I,m treating my body like a temple really….! 

Can I go home now?…..please.

October 30, 2006

Busy shift again and each time I return to try and fathom out how to edit or make this blog more eye catching I forget what I did, and how, before I got a shout. Bugger!

Mad as a bag of frogs….

October 30, 2006

Well I,ve had much fun tonight inbetween shouts trying to sort out my blog page thingy…

I think I,m getting RSI (repetitive strain injury). Or is it really seriously irked?



Lets begin…

October 29, 2006

Well I,m on station for my last night shift of 12 hours.

Just hope that its not as bad as the last two nights!!!

Working for the Ambulance Service is a great job but we see a lot from the dark side so bear with me.

All posts from myself will be wrapped in patient confidentiality and will not reflect the views of my service. It is my own diary which I want to share and welcome comments but if you do not agree with my opinions then thats still ok as I might not agree with yours. But we should respect everyones right to differ.

Have I created a monster….?

October 29, 2006

I,ve just set this blog up and I,m trying to get to grips with the thing…