The ECG Through the Medium of Verse…!!!

June 20, 2009

Thanks to emsguy64 for pointing me in the direction of this. A superb and slick teaching aid to reinforce the learning of a sometimes confusing cardiac arrhythmia. After twenty years of dealing with heart blocks I am quite confident with the recognition and underlying pathophysiology of the various types. But in the early years it was a constant battle to keep upto speed with the old memory banks. I might go a whole year without seeing 3rd degree complete heart block or any of the other fascinating types.

Its always good to find things that help you remember rather than having to try and have it indelibly imprinted on your brain via laborious lectures. So I might start using these vids to help some of the newbies remember their heart blocks. Apart from the actual teaching element it is a good vid in its own right. Enjoy.

The ECG Through the Medium of Dance…!!!

June 17, 2009

I first saw this some years ago at uni. It demonstrates the sequence of events during various cardiac episodes. It is the badgers nadgers!

The professor uses his arms to simulate the two top chambers of the heart…the Atria. He uses his legs to simulate the two lower chambers of the heart…the Ventricles.

So the atria contract together followed by the ventricles contracting together and blood is pumped around the body.

When seen on an ECG (electrocardiogram…EKG in the USA) the contractions of the heart are shown as the electrical impulses that generate the cardiac muscle to move. These are the different complexes shown on an ECG recording…normally the PQRST complex.


The vid is just over 4 minutes long but stay with it…all those other medical bods out there will see the correlation between the ‘dance’ and what it represents in the cardiac cycle. 

I wish all ECG stuff was this much fun!

How Not To Cross The Road…!!! Dont Be a Plum…!!!

June 15, 2009

I remember the ‘Road Safety’ adverts years ago on the old goggle box. I was having a look at Happy Toasts blog (brilliant and unique artist) and saw this vid. It made me smile in a rather strange sort of a way. Maybe the therapy has’nt kicked in yet!

Always a Little Further…!!!

June 14, 2009

Back home recovering and stretching out the old quads and hamstrings! I feel that I need to invest in some new winter gear as the kit I took with me was only just passable. I feel more overtime coming on!

Just a tad nippy!

Just a tad nippy!


The temperature ranged from a rather cool -11 to 27 degrees Celsius depending on the altitude and obviously time of day. Managed to get snow-burn on both arms.

A long walk home...!

A long walk home...!

 Anyone know where I’ve been? The first pic might be a bit of a give away. I will give the first person with the correct answer a box of spirit level bubbles. The runner up will get a tin of tartan paint of their choice.

The Getaway…!!!

June 5, 2009

Stand down

Standing down from work for a while… 

Off abroad to get away from work for a while. Will be hopefully engaging in a spot of parascending/parapenting all being well. And will be drinking copious amounts of Guinness on the night. Well…you’ve got to hav’nt you?

Stay safe and remember…‘Even a pork pie can look at an oak tree!’