The ECG Through the Medium of Dance…!!!

I first saw this some years ago at uni. It demonstrates the sequence of events during various cardiac episodes. It is the badgers nadgers!

The professor uses his arms to simulate the two top chambers of the heart…the Atria. He uses his legs to simulate the two lower chambers of the heart…the Ventricles.

So the atria contract together followed by the ventricles contracting together and blood is pumped around the body.

When seen on an ECG (electrocardiogram…EKG in the USA) the contractions of the heart are shown as the electrical impulses that generate the cardiac muscle to move. These are the different complexes shown on an ECG recording…normally the PQRST complex.


The vid is just over 4 minutes long but stay with it…all those other medical bods out there will see the correlation between the ‘dance’ and what it represents in the cardiac cycle. 

I wish all ECG stuff was this much fun!


17 Responses to The ECG Through the Medium of Dance…!!!

  1. […] learn ECG (or EKG – equality and diversity chaps!!) I have just watched this over at Purple Plus, and for those who understand cardiac rhythm abnormalities, I’m sure you will find it as […]

  2. medicblog999 says:

    Fantastic clip kingmagic, I never thought I would find ECG training so funny.
    I did a similar style clip for my teaching course with a few of my colleagues, I think I will get their permission to put it on you tube too!

  3. Bobbi says:

    Thanks for these 2 videos, they made me and my sister laugh for a long, long time! I’ll be sharing them around!

  4. piratedani says:

    so very very funny.
    I will have to blog this. we teach a bit on ECG at a-level biology.

    Liked the Life on Mars bit. Reminded me of the TV show. He even looked like the old skol OU professor. Whihc was the point I suppose.

    Unsuccessful defib! Never been so funny. Just like rabbids.

  5. It’s ECG here as well. EKG is only for old time (former) medics like me…Kinda like when they changed electromechanical dissociation (EMD) to…oh what the fuck, I can’t even remember anymore what they changed it to. 😉

  6. kingmagic says:

    medicblogg999…keep us upto date with your clip, would like to see your version. Good teaching aids.

    Bobbi…no probs. Glad they made you laugh.

    piratedani…it should make a lesson interesting, as a teaching aid it gets across a subject in a memorable way.

    Mr. Nighttime…EMD = PEA (pulseless electrical activity) or ‘Proper Poorly’ But I know you knew that anyway.

  7. nickopotamus says:

    I need to steal this for next time I teach anything to do with ECGs! 😀

  8. Merys Jones says:

    Actually, since I’m procrastinating at home and doing very little, I’m gonna class this as revision for the end of year exams in 2 weeks.

  9. AnneDroid says:

    Haha. Excellent. I’m not medical but I do have a ventricular ectopic beat so I’ll now always picture that fella doing a funny little dance in my chest!

  10. emsguy64 says:

    It looks like that dance has been copied;

    “Diagnosis Wenckebach” A spoof of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” done by the University of Alberta 2010 Med class.

  11. kingmagic says:

    nickopotamus…feel free to use its in the public domain.

    Merys Jones…and what better way to procrastinate. But dont try and draw the pictures in your exams.

    AnneDroid…its a good way of making understanding easier. I like the connection.

    emsguy64…good link. Thankyou.

  12. Louise says:

    Pure utter genius!!! Love it!

  13. Ned says:

    Thanks for sharing the information.

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