The ECG Through the Medium of Verse…!!!

June 20, 2009

Thanks to emsguy64 for pointing me in the direction of this. A superb and slick teaching aid to reinforce the learning of a sometimes confusing cardiac arrhythmia. After twenty years of dealing with heart blocks I am quite confident with the recognition and underlying pathophysiology of the various types. But in the early years it was a constant battle to keep upto speed with the old memory banks. I might go a whole year without seeing 3rd degree complete heart block or any of the other fascinating types.

Its always good to find things that help you remember rather than having to try and have it indelibly imprinted on your brain via laborious lectures. So I might start using these vids to help some of the newbies remember their heart blocks. Apart from the actual teaching element it is a good vid in its own right. Enjoy.