From Hot Sunny Days to Dark Cold Nights…!!!

August 28, 2008
Wearing my Holiday Sun Hat!

Wearing my Holiday Sun Hat!

Well I’m back. Two weeks of sun…hot sun…very hot sun…really f*****g hot sun!!! Next year I’m off to Iceland! The Red Sea was superb, plenty of snorkeling and diving. Saw an amazing amount of fish and managed to see plenty of dolphins also. I liked Egypt from the water…on land was a different matter!

Anyway now I’m back and I have to catch up on all my stuff at work. Got exams at Uni next week and I need to see a physio about my arm which is giving me jip from nearly four weeks ago. At least my cracked rib has sorted itself out, I can now sleep on my left side.

And just to get me back into the swing of things…I’m on nights tonight! Marvellous! Cant wait to see what crops up during the wee small, dark hours and what mysterious ailments or complaints I’m going to come across! I think I’m in need of another holiday already!

How I Feel After Nights!

How I Feel After Nights!

Will let you know how I got on soon.

Off On Hols…!!!

August 10, 2008

Am flying out to t,Eygpt today. Two weeks of diving, parasailing, sunbathing, drinking, eating and making sand castles! See you when I get back.

Guess What I’ve Been Doing…?

August 5, 2008

Its been some time since SWAB Team 6 has done anything so I decided to pay them a visit and catch up. Obviously names and places have been changed to protect the innocent…and not so innocent. (‘Fingers’ and the ‘Mad Hamster’ received a caution recently from the local constabulary for ‘interfering with a squirrel’!) The badge at the end of the vid is to throw people off the scent. After consulting with my lawyers I will be sharing some of SWAB Team 6s secrets for ‘urban survival’ in the near future. There will be top tips for making emergency napkins for a dinner party and how to get blood stains out of a cravat!

Enjoy the vid.

“Hoo Haa!”