Purpleplus Top Ten…..!!!


I thought I would just jot down my Top 10 Best & Worst things about being a Paramedic. These lists are not exhaustive and maybe subject to change at a later date!

Top 10 Best Bits:

  1. On the RRV/RFU I am my own boss out on the road.
  2. I get to see inside other peoples houses. (Clean and respectable)
  3. I meet interesting people from all walks of life. (Clean and respectable, hard working)
  4. The look of relief on peoples faces when I turn up to a scene. (Its what we do)
  5. Every job I get sent to is different in its own way. (Beats working 9 to 5 any day!)
  6. I get to use some pretty cool kit/equipment.
  7. Its still (sometimes) a buzz hitting the “Blues & Twos”.
  8. The money is getting better, at long last!
  9. I get to see things that ordinary members of the public do not.
  10. And sometimes I get to save someone. 


Top 10 Worst Bits.

  1. Control (puzzle palace) know where I am all the time.
  2. I go into some real pigstys and slums. (Wipe your feet on the way out!)
  3. Some people are only just off the bottom of the evolutionary scale. (One up from pond scum!)
  4. The look of dismay on peoples faces when I turn up on scene. (They can tell I,m late off!)
  5. Every job I get sent to involving alcohol has the potential to go “tits up!” (And involves vomit/fights)
  6. Unless the kit/equipment is Ambulance Proof then it invariably breaks down when needed most!
  7. Cars/vans/trucks/buses/people/animals still get in the way even when on “Blues & Twos!”
  8. I dont get paid enough to take some of the abuse/shit that is thrown at me!
  9. I get to see the darker side of humanity. (Ignorance is sometimes still bliss!)
  10. I have seen good people die.

The best and worst job in the World….I would,nt change it for anything!



2 Responses to Purpleplus Top Ten…..!!!

  1. inspectorgadget says:

    Great Blog

  2. Kingmagic says:

    Thanks Inpectorgadget. Any chance of a link on your blogroll?

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