Guess What I’ve Been Doing…?

Its been some time since SWAB Team 6 has done anything so I decided to pay them a visit and catch up. Obviously names and places have been changed to protect the innocent…and not so innocent. (‘Fingers’ and the ‘Mad Hamster’ received a caution recently from the local constabulary for ‘interfering with a squirrel’!) The badge at the end of the vid is to throw people off the scent. After consulting with my lawyers I will be sharing some of SWAB Team 6s secrets for ‘urban survival’ in the near future. There will be top tips for making emergency napkins for a dinner party and how to get blood stains out of a cravat!

Enjoy the vid.

“Hoo Haa!”


5 Responses to Guess What I’ve Been Doing…?

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    Urban survival tip #1: Don’t get drunk with such individuals.
    Actually that would be my only tip. lil sis x

  2. Tony F says:

    Urban Survival tip #2: Don’t go anywhere near such individuals!

    Actually, I have had whole days like that…….as a victim.

  3. What’s the address and password, I can think of some one who would benefit from ‘being’ the victim.
    The sharp pointy thing looks like its at the wrong gig, it should be in the equine vets bag, *shudder*

  4. kingmagic says:

    BG…good tip. But make sure you dont get into buying rounds. x

    Tony F…Some of the techniques can be harsh! But the ends justify the means.

    UHDD…the sharp pointy thing (the circle of needles pointing at someones chest) is a ‘Sternal intra-osseuos needle’. Basically you punch the main needle through someones sternum of their chest and use it as a drug/fluid route. It is a simple but vicious looking technique. And its used on conscious casualties too!

  5. ‘And its used on conscious casualties too!’
    Hummm, best not to get the wrong side of the fine ladies and gentlemen dressed in Lincoln green then.

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