A Blast From the Past…!

Heard this today on the radio…and I was transported straight back like ‘Sam Tyler’ to the seventies. Going to the local youth discotheque after necking a bottle of Woodpecker Cider and buying my packet of ten Number 10 cigs. Great days, a brilliant time to grow up in.

Its by Marshall Hain and was released in 1977 or 78? Keep an eye on the cat trying to escape her clutches. I dont really rate the vid much but as I say when I heard it I was back in the 70s…with my flares and wide collared shirt and long hair which was to be shaved off soon after when I joined the Army.

Tomorrow…‘Twisted Fire Starter’ and ‘Smack Your Bitch Up’  for a change of tempo.

3 Responses to A Blast From the Past…!

  1. KM, I think we are of the same era, listening to that, I am back at the village discos, I can smell the aftershave! ( in fairness to the vid, it was very early days.)
    Ahhh and to round the evening off a bag of chips (with fish bits) and plenty of salt and vinegar on the way home.
    Life was simple then, wasn’t it?

  2. Certainly was, pint of lager 20p, chinese beef curry and rice 47p (I moaned strongly when it went up to 48). Had my first real ‘Indian’ at the luxurious Bombay in Stourbridge which set me back the extortionate sum of 1.15, now considering that a quid would fuel my Ford Escort for a week then that was pushing the boat out!

    KM noted your comments and giving it some thought.

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