Motorway Madness…!!!

September 27, 2008

Watched this last week and thought I would share it with others who may have missed it. One of the thought processes in my job and any emergency service en route to a call is ‘What are we going to find when we get there?’

This moment of contemplation enables us to ready ourselves mentally, and sometimes physically, for what we are going to encounter. Sometimes we expect the worst…and when we get there its nothing. Other times we expect nothing untoward…and the shit hits the fan, sometimes in huge lumps!

But when you are actually already on scene and then the unexpected happens…it can hit you like a brick! You have not had that moment to prepare and you now rely on your instincts and gut reaction. I have been in a similar situation some years ago standing on the motorway dealing with one incident when another far worse one occurred right in front of me.

The Police and Highways Agency did well in the circumstances, and hats off to the members of public who helped.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not really find out the reasons for what happened or if it was drug related or if they were charged properly. The ‘uninjured’ sister seemed unconcerned about her twin, her overall attitude being highly anti-police, anti-social and just plain weird. I remember that the arrested sister got ‘one day in jail’! for ‘Assault Police Officer’.

Spare a thought for the lorry driver who got caught up in all this mayhem!

WARNING! There is the occasional swear word in the film. (No shit!)