A Life On Mars…!

Life On Mars…

A superb series that had me hooked from the first episode. This video is one of the best compilations I,ve seen with a good sound track from the ‘Killers’. Very few films or TV series have kept me on the edge of my seat and caused me to become totally immersed in the story.

I seem to having a period of reflection and indulgence in times past. It just appears that I may have been listening to old songs/records/tracks/cassettes or whatever you want to call them and it has hit triggers that have made me think of my youth.

People say about remembering the ‘good old days’ but I remember it was usually the old fogies who said that! Even though its some time ago and I have been busy doing other stuff, like living, the main thing that sticks in my mind is the music. And with each different musical style I experienced, a particular piece would stand out like a beacon and direct my memory to a place, a person, a situation or emotion as if it was yesterday.

What Style We All Had...!!!

What Style We All Had...!!!

Maybe I,ve been reflecting too much and my Zen and Ambulance Ninjutsu training has been unable to stop ‘pop-ups’ in my brain? Whatever the reason I,m sure a couple of night shifts will bring me back down to earth. (note to self: check out charity shops for seventies clothing)

Something else that reminded me of my youth in the seventies…‘Klackers’…and how ******* painful they were when they hit your knuckles or wrist! For those that don’t know, klackers were two solid heavy plastic balls connected by some string and you had to get them to hit each other without breaking your own wrist! Anyone else remember them or other stuff that seemed ace at the time…?

High Tech Toys at the Time...!

High Tech Toys at the Time...!


13 Responses to A Life On Mars…!

  1. In an early outbreak of ‘health and saftey’ our school banned Klackers.
    I had a Tressy doll http://www.tressydoll.com/page2.htm I spent hours making clothes and furniture out sticky back plastic and loo rolls. Her hair grew, if you pressed a button in her tummy, my dolls hair fell out, I was heartbroken. She was sent away and came back with a new head.
    I also had the very first ‘space hopper’ in our road, My mum got a bit ‘hockey mom’ about tracking such down the latest craze.
    Mr Uhdd votes for Potty Putty

  2. Bendy Girl says:

    Twister. I need say no more! lil sis x

  3. kingmagic says:

    UHDD…Potty Putty? Never heard of that one. Was it like Play Doh? Me and my younger brother were the first on the estate to get Raleigh Chopper bikes.

    BG…so thats how you started…! Say no more! Big Bro x.

  4. Dani says:

    I loved Life on Mars too! I saw the last half of the second episode and was hooked. You are right, the story was so gripping. Went out and bought the box set (I couldnt wait to find out what Had happened and what was Going to happen)
    Im even enjoying Ashes to Ashes, even though Sam Tyler isnt in it. I have to admit, I am too young for to remember (or even know of for that matter) the 70’s. Although saying that, I do remember watching Camberwick Green. Must have been re-runs.
    And DCI Gene Hunt, good old fashioned policing.

  5. Dave says:

    King – Potty Putty was some sort of silicone stuff that you could press it onto a comic and it would transfer the picture (it would do other things as well)
    Uphill – With all your sticky-back plastic – did you ever find one “that you had made earlier” 🙂

  6. kingmagic says:

    Dani…I am also too young to remember the seventies…I keep telling myself that wrinkles are laughter lines and that having really short hair is hygenic and practical rather than it helping to blend in the bald patch!

    Dave…Potty Putty sounds good. It would have been preferable to the presents I got at one Christmas from family. Seven jigsaws!!! I cannot stand jigsaws to this day!

  7. piratedani says:

    potty putty sounds great!!!!!!

    KM: short hair is hygenic. Plus a damn site easyer to look after when your running late for work in the morning 🙂
    oh, I think I have sorted out the problem with my comments landing into spam. I have signed up with word press. I have to admit, I was getting a bit annoyed. Kept saying that my messages had been discarded. 😦

  8. Emma says:

    I even felt the crack on my knuckles as I read that, but as it’s the time of year I also remember some sharp cracks from conkers by some vicious young lad….memories…lol..x

  9. Natalie says:

    Oooooh, Klackers! As I recall they eventually banned them. Weren’t bits flying off and blinding small children, or something like that?

    Hot Wheels, Easy Bake ovens, Gumby and Pokey bendy figurines, Superballs, “jumpsies” (a long string made of rubber bands chained together, which two people held at varying heights for you to leap over), Silly Putty (aka Potty Putty), the Slinky, Etch-a-Sketch, Lite Brite, and the hideous Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie dolls… ah, the memories.

    Enjoying your blog!

  10. Natalie says:

    PS Life On Mars was excellent, but I missed the last episode here in Canada. I’m going to have to find it on DVD.

  11. kingmagic says:

    Natalie…Cheers Natalie, I still say the seventies were best. Childhood memories of cycling with my mates to woods and derelict buildings having adventures and all with out a sniff of Health & Safety!
    Now kids at school need an office full of backup workers to complete paperwork if they are to go on a school trip!

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