Strike a Light…!!!

Oxygen and Fire are a dangerous mix…thank God for stupid people!


Daftest job of the day…called to a not too elderly woman on 24 hour oxygen at home. She was sat in her armchair with her oxygen mask on set at 2 litres to help with her chronic respiratory condition.

The lady thought it would be a good idea to have a cigarette…whilst still on the oxygen!


Result…one explosion leading to facial burns and burns to the two fingers holding what was left of the cigarette!


She wont be doing that again…! She survived albeit with a new tan!



14 Responses to Strike a Light…!!!

  1. Carmelo says:

    Some people are very, very, very, very, very, very very etc stupid.

  2. ian says:

    * chuckles to himself*
    yes you both have said it very well

    people do the stupidist things

  3. nicenurse says:

    She must have thought that was one hell of a nicotine rush!!

    Just goes to show what an evil thing tobacco is, the very thing that led her to be on oxygen still has a grip on her, (though I am not sure it can be held responsible for her stupidity in smoking whilst on oxygen!)

    I know from experience how hard it is to give up, the twisted way that when your chest is full of crap a cigarette seems to ease your breathing and ‘relax’ your lungs.

    The real evil is the massive companies who profit at the expense of peoples health. People who smoke often justify the cost to the NHS, because they have paid the extra taxes, but the true cost cannot be measured in money, only misery.

    NIcenurse x

  4. Iain MacBain says:

    I understand her situation. As a smoking asthamtic I await with fear the onset of COPD.

    Where I work docyors will not provide domicillary oxygen for people who smoke exactly because of this. Who wants a BLEVE.

  5. ecparamedic says:

    There is a policy of not giving domicilliary O2 to smokers here too, however if the patient doesn’t play ball they end up getting it anyway.

    Biggest bunch of smokers I have ever seen at a hospital were the staff from CCU. Go figure.


  6. Baker says:

    Good evening,

    I’m a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point and was wondering if I would be able to use the orange explosion image from your blog for a web page project we have to do as part of an IT class. The page will only be viewable on the internal USMA server and, if you desire, I can cite that I got the image from your site. Please respond at your convenience, but it would be best if I knew by tomorrow evening. Thank you and have a pleasant day.


  7. kingmagic says:

    Baker…feel free to use the image. I Google most of the pics so they tend to be in the public domain anyway. Thanks for asking anyway.
    Good luck with your studies…Kingmagic

  8. Miki says:

    i’m using the explosion picture in an anamoto slide show. I will be citing it.

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  11. Jared Pereira says:

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  12. kingmagic says:

    Jared Pereira…I cant remember where I got the picture from but I do recall that it did not require a citation.
    Feel free to use it.
    all the best…Purpleplus Monkey.

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