Reasons to be Cheerful…!!!

February 28, 2010

Just thought I’d have a bit of a whinge and at the same time explain why there has been a sparsity of posts. Work has increased due to targets and ‘call connect’ so that when I walk into the station the first job is given bang on the hour (there are always emergencies outstanding at the start and end of shifts which I’ll explain why in a bit).

It is absolutely relentless and we are lucky to get a break (unless we opt out of the AVP which I can’t do for operational reasons and my own opinions on that issue ). All resources are being thrown at achieving ORCON with no regards for the crews on the road. In all my years in the service I have never known so many staff going off sick with stress, exhaustion, immunocompromised conditions or just to simply to get away.

On top of the relentless calls we have management chasing us to turn round quicker and be available for more jobs. At the end of the day we are a demand driven service and the public need us in times of illness or injury…but…we are getting sent to more and more and more and more and more (you get the picture) and more crap!!!!!!!!

The Ambulance Service is supposed to be for life threatening or serious emergencies and we should be sending the right response to the right patient at the right time…..but we are not!!! We are responding to everything as though it was life threatening due to stupid f*****g targets and the only way we can protect ourselves is to time the last job so we clear at the hospital dead on the hour of finishing. This still means we are late off due to travelling back to station.

Where at one time in the service if we got called to a stupid job it would be one of a few in a 24 hour period…now it seems we are being called to 99% stupid jobs and the real emergencies are the ones that end up having to wait for an available crew!!! Over the past months I have been late off every single shift. No crew or RRV dare call clear with even just one minute to go to the end of the shift as it is guaranteed they will get a job. We seem to be forced into enforced overtime when all we want is proper breaks and getting off on time! Not much to ask is it?

Examples of recent calls I’ve been sent to: electric wheelchair with a flat battery…abdo pain (for twenty years and decided to get it checked at 4am)…broken finger nail…a cold sore…infected navel due to piercing…tired…a sneeze (yes a single sneeze!!!) And they all got a blue light response because of the absurdity of  the ‘call connect’ system.

Got to stop now as I can feel myself getting fired up!!!!! Take care out there.

So you can appreciate why I am so knackered and finding it hard to post at the moment….(nb. not looking for sympathy just thought I’d let you know I’m still here…just!!!)