Ambulance Hijacked…!!!

September 28, 2008



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Yet another example of how dangerous our job is becoming! The crew were threatened with a hand gun and the vehicle stolen and then crashed into several cars. And then a second crew were dispatched to attend to the gunman because he had injured himself! I would have demanded that the Police Tasered him to within a bollocks hair of his life before I went anywhere near the scrote!!!

Click here for news report The Incident

Tom Reynolds has just written about this incident and like him I hope the crew were okay and afforded the best support possible. But we know that this scrote will probably receive better treatment than the crew. Its about time examples were made…and I cant think of a more deserving incident than this for that example to be made!

Motorway Madness…!!!

September 27, 2008

Watched this last week and thought I would share it with others who may have missed it. One of the thought processes in my job and any emergency service en route to a call is ‘What are we going to find when we get there?’

This moment of contemplation enables us to ready ourselves mentally, and sometimes physically, for what we are going to encounter. Sometimes we expect the worst…and when we get there its nothing. Other times we expect nothing untoward…and the shit hits the fan, sometimes in huge lumps!

But when you are actually already on scene and then the unexpected happens…it can hit you like a brick! You have not had that moment to prepare and you now rely on your instincts and gut reaction. I have been in a similar situation some years ago standing on the motorway dealing with one incident when another far worse one occurred right in front of me.

The Police and Highways Agency did well in the circumstances, and hats off to the members of public who helped.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not really find out the reasons for what happened or if it was drug related or if they were charged properly. The ‘uninjured’ sister seemed unconcerned about her twin, her overall attitude being highly anti-police, anti-social and just plain weird. I remember that the arrested sister got ‘one day in jail’! for ‘Assault Police Officer’.

Spare a thought for the lorry driver who got caught up in all this mayhem!

WARNING! There is the occasional swear word in the film. (No shit!)


Its Not Pretty…!!!

September 9, 2008

People outside the job seem to have lots of misconceptions about resuscitation. On the TV or in books its portrayed usually in a sanitised manner keeping to the basics of it what entails. This is usually CPR…CardioPulmonaryReusucitaion…Cardio = heart…pulmonary = lungs…resuscitation = the act of reviving someone who was previously dead (ie no heartbeat and no breathing).

Occasionally the process of defibrillation, the electric shock, may be chucked in (and paras/techs/nurses/docs up and down the land will cast a critical eye over the proceedings to see if its done right!).

But most active resuscitation’s, either in the street or in a persons home, can be brutal, messy affairs. We need to ‘get down to skin’ so off come the patients clothes either by use of scissors/tuffcuts or simply ripping them off.

We need to secure the airway and the Gold Standard is intubation where a very large tube is passed down the throat and into the lungs. We need to get venous access so a needle is inserted either into the hand or arm or even the neck. We need a drug route.

This is on top the basic stuff ie artificial respiration by way of a ‘bag & mask’, chest compressions by pumping the sternum sufficiently deeply enough to squeeze the heart and any ‘plugging’ of major bleeds if the patient is in arrest due to severe trauma.

It is hard work which brings a sweat on regardless of the ambient temperature. And bear in mind there is usually only two of us working away in the corner of a room trying to move furniture without interrupting compressions and often in poor light. Sometimes we are lying on the floor in piss, shit and blood (it happens although we try to avoid it).

Then add the arrival of relatives who get obviously distressed at the scene before them. We can multi task like no bodies business…cracking on with the resuscitation and giving orders to others/relatives/bystanders and grab the next piece of kit/drug ready for use and looking at the patient and the monitor deciding if and when to ‘shock’.

Then throw in the variables…is there a DNR order (do not resuscitate) in place? Will the patients relatives object to what we are doing on the grounds of religion. (I have been vociferously asked what the constituents were in a fluid I was giving to a Jehovah’s Witness by her brother whilst she was being resuscitated.)

Sometimes the bedside manner can change from ‘pink & fluffy’ to downright ‘bite yer bollocks off’ if someone gets in the way of us. But that’s the nature of the job. East Mids Ambulance Service have started a course showing different people from different backgrounds how, and more importantly, why we need to do what we do. Click on link below.

East Mids Ambulance Service Resuscitation

The other thing which is never shown on TV or written in books is the extrication from someones house. I have lifted, carried, dragged people through doors, windows, fences, walls etc. We have had to carry people down umpteen flights of stairs due to the lifts being broken, and still having to carry on resuscitating the patient. 

A Life On Mars…!

September 7, 2008

Life On Mars…

A superb series that had me hooked from the first episode. This video is one of the best compilations I,ve seen with a good sound track from the ‘Killers’. Very few films or TV series have kept me on the edge of my seat and caused me to become totally immersed in the story.

I seem to having a period of reflection and indulgence in times past. It just appears that I may have been listening to old songs/records/tracks/cassettes or whatever you want to call them and it has hit triggers that have made me think of my youth.

People say about remembering the ‘good old days’ but I remember it was usually the old fogies who said that! Even though its some time ago and I have been busy doing other stuff, like living, the main thing that sticks in my mind is the music. And with each different musical style I experienced, a particular piece would stand out like a beacon and direct my memory to a place, a person, a situation or emotion as if it was yesterday.

What Style We All Had...!!!

What Style We All Had...!!!

Maybe I,ve been reflecting too much and my Zen and Ambulance Ninjutsu training has been unable to stop ‘pop-ups’ in my brain? Whatever the reason I,m sure a couple of night shifts will bring me back down to earth. (note to self: check out charity shops for seventies clothing)

Something else that reminded me of my youth in the seventies…‘Klackers’…and how ******* painful they were when they hit your knuckles or wrist! For those that don’t know, klackers were two solid heavy plastic balls connected by some string and you had to get them to hit each other without breaking your own wrist! Anyone else remember them or other stuff that seemed ace at the time…?

High Tech Toys at the Time...!

High Tech Toys at the Time...!

A Blast From the Past…!

September 6, 2008

Heard this today on the radio…and I was transported straight back like ‘Sam Tyler’ to the seventies. Going to the local youth discotheque after necking a bottle of Woodpecker Cider and buying my packet of ten Number 10 cigs. Great days, a brilliant time to grow up in.

Its by Marshall Hain and was released in 1977 or 78? Keep an eye on the cat trying to escape her clutches. I dont really rate the vid much but as I say when I heard it I was back in the 70s…with my flares and wide collared shirt and long hair which was to be shaved off soon after when I joined the Army.

Tomorrow…‘Twisted Fire Starter’ and ‘Smack Your Bitch Up’  for a change of tempo.

Too Tired To Move…!!!

September 6, 2008
Too Tired To Move...!!!
Too Tired To Move…!!!

Leaving the station with ‘Blues & Twos’ going, we made our way through the early morning traffic towards our next client. With the new ‘Call Connect’ firmly in place we were once more obliged to ping off on ‘Red’ not knowing what we were going to! Who ever dreamt up ‘Call Connect’ must be far removed from the real world!

Halfway to our destination the update pops up on the MDT. “Female, 40s, collapsed, breathing diffs…RRV en route”. Maybe it was a proper job we were going to after all. We will see. Eventually arriving at the address we pull up behind the RRV parked outside. Making our way to the house we knock on the door and let ourselves in expecting to find the RRV pilot assessing/treating the patient.

Instead we find the RRV stood over the prone woman laid on her settee. The look from our colleague says it all…‘naff job’. The woman on the settee is doing a good impersonation of a dying swan. Very melodramtic and self pitying. “So whats the craick?”I ask the RRV pilot. She shrugs her shoulders and says that the woman is tired! Our colleague has already done the basics…BP, blood sugars, 3 lead ecg…all fine.

“I,ve got an appointment at the hospital for an xray but I,m so tired. Thats why I rang 999. I think it would be easier for you to drive me there.” I clench my teeth, the room drops a couple of degrees in temperature and my heart turns black! Before I say something that I might regret the patients  womans daughter walks into the room. “Whats going on?”

“Your mum is tired and wants us to take her to hospital for her xray appointment!”  The daughter looks at her mum and says that she was going to drive her there. “But I cant move, I,m so weak…and tired!”  Stepping towards the woman I take hold of her shoulders and sit her upright. “Right then lets see what you are like on your feet.”  And with that she slowly stands…and walks…marvellous! We have cured her! 

“I think you will be okay to travel with your daughter. The only place we can take you to is A/E. And thats if you needed to be there…which you dont…!”  My black heart is turning back to a more normal deep purple. I struggle to fathom out this womans reasoning for calling us. She seems reasonably intelligent, has a very nice house, a wonderful daughter going by first impressions and a clinical history suggesting a stress related fatigue. The xray was for reassurance by the GP as she seemed to be becoming too tired to sleep!

I put it down to her not thinking rationally due to fatigue. At least it was not as bad as the last time I got called to someone who wanted me to take the lid off their paracetemol bottle because they had a headache!

And that is where ‘Call Connect’ is failing. We are supposed to be ‘Getting to the Right Patient at the Right Time with the Right Resources’  Jobs like this are happening day in day out up and down the country in other Ambulance Services and also in the Police but the Police can use discretion on which calls to attend…like we should be able to! 

Is it a Bus? Is it a Taxi? Cant be an Ambulance?

Is it a Bus? Is it a Taxi? Cant be an Ambulance?