Motorway Madness…!!!

Watched this last week and thought I would share it with others who may have missed it. One of the thought processes in my job and any emergency service en route to a call is ‘What are we going to find when we get there?’

This moment of contemplation enables us to ready ourselves mentally, and sometimes physically, for what we are going to encounter. Sometimes we expect the worst…and when we get there its nothing. Other times we expect nothing untoward…and the shit hits the fan, sometimes in huge lumps!

But when you are actually already on scene and then the unexpected happens…it can hit you like a brick! You have not had that moment to prepare and you now rely on your instincts and gut reaction. I have been in a similar situation some years ago standing on the motorway dealing with one incident when another far worse one occurred right in front of me.

The Police and Highways Agency did well in the circumstances, and hats off to the members of public who helped.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not really find out the reasons for what happened or if it was drug related or if they were charged properly. The ‘uninjured’ sister seemed unconcerned about her twin, her overall attitude being highly anti-police, anti-social and just plain weird. I remember that the arrested sister got ‘one day in jail’! for ‘Assault Police Officer’.

Spare a thought for the lorry driver who got caught up in all this mayhem!

WARNING! There is the occasional swear word in the film. (No shit!)



13 Responses to Motorway Madness…!!!

  1. Louise says:

    I saw this on the news!! Unbelievable!

    Had a bad job this week, close to station and very little information, arrived on scene to a horrific situation. The shit had hit the fan in very large lumps and we had to deal.

    Its our instincts and our mental toughness that enable us to do what we do and be ok with it.

  2. It took me a wee while to calm down after seeing this!

  3. AnneDroid says:

    “I was a bit disappointed that we did not really find out the reasons for what happened” – I saw this elsewhere online an hour ago, and that was what I thought too. And it was strange that the one wasn’t worried about the other… A drug fuelled suicide pact or something? Bizarre and horrific. Poor lorry driver.

  4. Stonehead says:

    It gets worse. The sister who got up, fought police and was convicted of assaulting a police officer was “Swede Sabrina Eriksson, aged 40 and currently living in Ireland”. (From the Sentinel, Stoke-on-Trent.)

    On September 20, the Sentinel had this:

    A Woman who jumped from a bridge over the A50 after she allegedly stabbed a man to death has appeared in court in a wheelchair. Sabina Ericksson, aged 40, of College Wood, Mallow, County Cork, is accused of the murder of 54-year-old Glen Hollinshead.

    And also on September 20 from this is Staffordshire:

    A WOMAN who jumped from a bridge over the A50 after she allegedly stabbed a man to death has appeared in court in a wheelchair.
    Sabina Ericksson, aged 40, of College Wood, Mallow, County Cork, is accused of the murder of 54-year-old Glen Hollinshead.
    Mr Hollinshead was found dead at the rear of his home in Duke Street, Fenton, on May 20 this year. Ericksson, who fractured her skull and both ankles, was brought into Stafford Crown Court in a wheelchair yesterday.
    Stuart Muldoon, defending, said a psychiatric assessment of Ericksson would have to be made before any plea. Judge Mark Eades adjourned the case until November 21. Ericksson was remanded in custody.

    There’s definitely a lot more to this one.

  5. joan says:

    I did watch it, could not believe what i was seeing, made me jump and go cold, what where they on!! I too felt for the people who witnessed the incident, it had an impact on me and i was only watching it!
    One day in jail was laughable she risked so many other lives as well,
    take care

  6. kingmagic says:

    Louise…sometimes its difficult to remain alert all the time to ‘what ifs…’ and thats when it catches you out. At best its sometimes wise to ‘panic in a professional manner’.

    UHDD…these things do happen from time to time and luckily this was caught on TV so the public can see what really occurs. Lots of people I’ve spoken to since it was aired said they were pretty ‘fired up’ too.

    AnneDroid…they were totally selfish and uncaring having no regard for anyone but themselves. The lorry driver still looked traumatised by it all.

    Stonehead…thanks for the update. It comes as no surprise in this country that they were still walking about causing mayhem.

    joan…I think like you a lot of people were affected by this…but the twins were totally unconcerned. It will be interesting to see if they try and get compo out it?

  7. Bendy Girl says:

    That was horrifying, I admire and feel for those of you having to deal with this kind of situation, especially with having close friends as serving police officers. I’m always amazed what you’re expected to just cope with. Stay safe big bro BG x x

  8. Emma says:

    I couldn’t get my head round this either, how terrifying it must have been for the coppers involved.

    I would love to know what happened to them though and what caused it, it is easy to speculate on drug use because of the strength of them both, but as we all know its not always the case..x

  9. kingmagic says:

    BG…thats the best part of the job in some respects, you sometimes never know whats going to happen from day to day. Big Bro x

    Emma…I think these two were definately a sandwich sort of a full picnic! x

  10. Dani says:

    hey! I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw this. It was just amazing that they were not killed. Running out into motorway, three times. Its just mind blowing. Goodness, by rights they should be dead. And just didnt care.

    I feel really sorry for all the people they inconvienianced. And that lorry driver….. something like that stays with your forever. And the poor officers, they dont get paid enough for all this.

  11. kingmagic says:

    Dani…your comments keep going into my spam filter for some reason?

  12. kingmagic says:

    Just seen that the video is no longer available!!! That didnt last long!!!
    I will try and find another to replace it….marvellous!

  13. kingmagic says:

    Video still on Youtube so have reinserted the vid into the post. Update on Youtube says that one of the twins was charged with murder.

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