How Not To Cross The Road…!!! Dont Be a Plum…!!!

I remember the ‘Road Safety’ adverts years ago on the old goggle box. I was having a look at Happy Toasts blog (brilliant and unique artist) and saw this vid. It made me smile in a rather strange sort of a way. Maybe the therapy has’nt kicked in yet!


7 Responses to How Not To Cross The Road…!!! Dont Be a Plum…!!!

  1. AnneDroid says:

    Ha. Like it. Reminds me of my days in the Tufty Club, which is how road safety was taught to us.

  2. nickopotamus says:

    Haha, brilliant 😀

  3. […] This road saftey video posted on Purple Plus made me snigger. However then it lead to me thinking of my all time […]

  4. kingmagic says:

    AnneDroid…Tufty Club was great! What is there now? I have to avoid all sorts of people walking on the road only yards away from zebra crossings etc.

    nickopotamus…the product of a disturbed mind me thinks?

  5. Nick Hough says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

    (And welcome back after your holidays!)

  6. piratedani says:

    and completely hilarious.

  7. kita says:

    I have only found your blog tonight and this sketch has me expelling coffee through my nose! Harillious!

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