The Getaway…!!!

Stand down

Standing down from work for a while… 

Off abroad to get away from work for a while. Will be hopefully engaging in a spot of parascending/parapenting all being well. And will be drinking copious amounts of Guinness on the night. Well…you’ve got to hav’nt you?

Stay safe and remember…‘Even a pork pie can look at an oak tree!’


8 Responses to The Getaway…!!!

  1. piratedani says:

    have fun.
    always wear sun screen. drink lots of water, and never hit anyone with a closed fist, although, on occasion it is mighty hilarious.

    oh! And remember… look as you leap, preferable before, but after is acceptable as well. 😉

  2. medicblog999 says:

    Have a great break!!
    Errrr, that sounds wrong, what with the parascending etc.

    Have a great holiday!

  3. piratedani says:

    well, I hope you have a great time. Just remember to look before you leap. Or at least before you land, but preferably before. We don’t want you coming back and blogging all your moans of being stuck in traction and plaster.

  4. Hey have a great time. As Elmer Fudd said: “West and wewaxation at wast!’

  5. Bobbi says:

    Enjoy yourself…just don’t wake up drunk in the street with an ambo crew standing over you looking annoyed!

  6. kingmagic says:

    Back in the good old UK.
    Did’nt get chance to go parapenting…wrong place, wrong time! Will be doing some UK aerial stuff instead in the future.
    Did manage some serious mountain walking in the snow and ice!
    Had lots to drink on the night time…which was good!

  7. piratedani says:

    welcome back!
    you just missed summer.
    Everyone is getting the inflatable ribs and snow chains out ready for the impending flood and snow storms! 😉

    pity about the parapenting. sounded like you were looking forward to that. Get to do any snowboarding?

  8. kingmagic says:

    Thanks Dani…its good to be back in good old Blighty. It would have been my first parapenting experience but I was really up for it. Unfortunately one of the mountains that you chuck yourself off was out of bounds and the only other was double the price at £230 for the pleasure of being scared shitless. (I was willing to stump up £100 plus but not £230! Am going to do it in the UK soon though. Only snowboarding going on was above 2500m minimum and that was the serious extreme lads and lasses! Apparently I missed the action sports by one day!

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