Always a Little Further…!!!

Back home recovering and stretching out the old quads and hamstrings! I feel that I need to invest in some new winter gear as the kit I took with me was only just passable. I feel more overtime coming on!

Just a tad nippy!

Just a tad nippy!


The temperature ranged from a rather cool -11 to 27 degrees Celsius depending on the altitude and obviously time of day. Managed to get snow-burn on both arms.

A long walk home...!

A long walk home...!

 Anyone know where I’ve been? The first pic might be a bit of a give away. I will give the first person with the correct answer a box of spirit level bubbles. The runner up will get a tin of tartan paint of their choice.


10 Responses to Always a Little Further…!!!

  1. Yay wherever it was, I wish I’d been, it’s long been my ambition to go the alp’s in early summer to see the meadow flowers.

  2. kingmagic says:

    Saw some flowers…but was concentrating on keeping upright and watching my footing (due to snow and stuff not Guinness!)

  3. Fee says:

    Abroad? You know I’m right.

    I think a tin of elbow grease makes a better prize, though.

  4. kingmagic says:

    Fee…I like your style. But I think you need to narrow down the location a little bit more to qualify for the star prize.

  5. It’s either the Andes, or the Himilayas…

  6. eileen says:

    Can’t get away from some people in the NHS wherever you go – did you notice Darsi’d been there first?
    Don’t agree about the Himalayas – the crucifix doesn’t match! Andorra, maybe? Or French/Italian end of the Alps?

  7. eileen says:

    Chamonix? Mont Blanc? Did you walk up or take the easy way?
    Me – I do the Dolomites the easier way in winter and bits of ’em the less easy way in summer. Too old and decrepit for the ladders and stuff – wish I wasn’t though. And I’m about to retire there – come and visit??? You haven’t lived until you have been there!

  8. Louise says:

    I’ll say Peru, a broad guess I know but whereever it is I’m insanely jealous and your photos are amazing!

  9. kingmagic says:

    Eileen…you are the nearest.
    Its near to Mont Blanc…photos taken from 1/ Helbronner (Italy) and 2/ the L’aigulle de Midi (France).
    I have released the spirit level bubbles and they are floating towards you…hopefully.

    Louise…it was a great chance to use my new camera. Still need lots of practice.

    Mr. Nighttime…near…ish!

  10. eileen says:

    I’m dead chuffed – I don’t win competitions!!! I nearly put the Aigulle du Midi but couldn’t remember how to spell it!!!
    Do you just foot walk your mountains or do you do touring skiing too? I meet guys (and gals) who take the hard way up most mornings when I’m at our flat in the winter – I’m intending to try snowshoeing next winter when I’m living there but the thought of full-on touring is a bit daunting. One chap who uses our mountain when there is a lack of snow elsewhere is well up in his 60’s and said “Well, you have to do something to keep fit” – he starts at about 1000m at 7-ish and gets to the top, 2250m, by soon after 9am, almost every morning through the winter. I presume he then has a well-earned beer (or wine is also very common amongst the locals at 9.30) and skies back down. No lift ticket required.
    BTW – are there any nice side-effects to the spirit level bubbles?

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