The ECG Through the Medium of Dance…!!!

June 17, 2009

I first saw this some years ago at uni. It demonstrates the sequence of events during various cardiac episodes. It is the badgers nadgers!

The professor uses his arms to simulate the two top chambers of the heart…the Atria. He uses his legs to simulate the two lower chambers of the heart…the Ventricles.

So the atria contract together followed by the ventricles contracting together and blood is pumped around the body.

When seen on an ECG (electrocardiogram…EKG in the USA) the contractions of the heart are shown as the electrical impulses that generate the cardiac muscle to move. These are the different complexes shown on an ECG recording…normally the PQRST complex.


The vid is just over 4 minutes long but stay with it…all those other medical bods out there will see the correlation between the ‘dance’ and what it represents in the cardiac cycle. 

I wish all ECG stuff was this much fun!