Eternal Youth…

December 8, 2006


Another job we did tonight was to a woman with chest pains. Nothing special about that…but this lady of 86 years was a breath of fresh air. To say she was cheerful would be an understatement. With all due respect, she was a game old bird!

She has had chest pains radiating into her left arm all day and kept putting off having to dial 999! She lives alone and her house is immaculate and full of souveniers and furniture from around the world. 

I asked her about her pains and we examined and treated her taking her blood pressure and 12 lead ECG (no ECG changes apart from slight ischaemia), gave oxygen, aspirin, and GTN spray. All the while she talked of her family and of her part time roles in two very famous TV soaps. After placing a cannula in the back of her hand we take her to the local Assessment Unit for further investigation.

She probaly has unstable angina and was peeved that she was going into hospital as she had so much to do. A very nice lady who I hope only has a short stay in hospital. Its nice to get a sincere thankyou from someone for a change rather than abuse.


Looking Through the Bottom of a Rose Tinted Glass…

December 8, 2006


Alcohol…killing our youth

 Our first job of the shift…called to an early twenties male on the other side of the city. Reported as being sick but with a psychie note attached to the data terminal message.

We arrived at the address and was asked in by a rather nervous young man. He goes on to tell us that earliar in the day he had run out of his house wearing only a dressing gown and knocked on many doors trying to get help. He says to us that he keeps seeing hooded people but with no faces, and that voices all around are telling him that he will die and that he keeps getting attacked on both legs by these apparitions and that it hurts.

We ask all the obvious questions ref drug use/abuse, alcohol or mental illness in the past. It transpires that he has not had a drink of alcohol for nearly four days. He is not sleeping or eating. He looks shit scared. He looks awful. He is going cold turkey suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

We calm him down and let his relatives know that we are taking him to the A/E so that at least he is not on his own. All his family are away so we contacted his gran. He needs help.

I know we all hate alcohol related jobs but usually its when its in the acute phase ie. ratarsed and belligerent. This is different. This is a young man suffering from chronic alcoholism…in his early twenties.

He has dreams and ambitions and wants to join the army. But first he must win the biggest battle against his adiction. He appears to be a decent lad from a nice family and I feel for him as we take him into A/E and other people, including an ambulance crew, look down on him because its “drink related”.

We are going to see a lot more people in the near future with chronic alcoholism who are in the prime of their youth. All due to the binge drinking culture we have now in this country! I hope he gets the proper care and attention he needs and gets to realise his dreams and ambitions.