Booze Knows Whats Going To Happen…?

December 29, 2006

Reading other peoples blogs, especially those in my profession (Ambulance Service) and the Police, its apparent there is an underlying theme of “alcohol induced anti-social tendencies” being posted. I hasten to add…not by the bloggers.


No matter what time of the year, whatever the occasion,  it seems people do not need an excuse at all to get absolutely blind drunk/pissed/ratarsed or shitfaced off the planet. (All medical terms).

We have all seen the various stages of intoxication of individuals on our own forays into the city centre on a staff night out. And we have all been drunk at some time or another (unless you are teetotal) but… have we not been able to get home safely without getting into a fight, run over, arrested for swearing, getting mugged, smashing a window, snapping car wing mirrors/aerials, abusing others or ending up covered in vomit/shit/piss/blood or other stuff?  


Okay…then maybe we have done these things when younger…but maybe only once, and we learnt from our embarrassment. The difference today is that plenty of people are doing these things as a matter of course and think nothing of the consequences. Because there are none, apart from the long term health problems and the odd acute alcoholic poisoning. They are doing it on a weekly, if not daily basis.


Ambulance Peeps…come to help you.

When I first joined my uniform was similiar in colour and design to the police, so this led to mistaken identity on several occassions from the drinking community. Once we changed to the new greens things improved slightly. Unfortunately all respect for the public services has been lost by the younger population if in deed they had any in the first place!


Colleagues have mentioned that the nice families who say “thank you” and are seemly genuine in their apologies for calling us out are becoming few and far between. Where as at one time it was the opposite, more people were glad to see you and gave you some respect, and the pondscum and chavs were in the minority.


It is getting more and more difficult out there and more dangerous for us as these people do not care if they injure us or, God forbid, kill us. Where is it going to lead? Is society to be held ransom by these scumbags who spoil our lives due to the impotent laws/judges of this once great country?

Rant over for the time being…..


Head Butting Wasps……!

December 29, 2006

One of the funniest things I have read over the Christmas period was the autobiography of Peter Kaye,

 (he of “Phoenix Nights” and “Max and Paddy” fame). 


A certain quote had me in stitches as it reminded me of some of my ex school friends and ex forces mates.

He describes someone as having mentally “having lost the cheese from his cracker…”


and had been “seen trying to headbutt wasps…!”


…hang on a minute that might have been me…!!!