12 Days of Christmas…

December 12, 2006

I was going to post a razor sharp treatise on the ins and outs of the NHS and what the future holds in store for the pre-hospital care environment. Then I thought…..”naw, do it next time!”



The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the 12th. day of Christmas my control room did send to me:

  • 12 gents with chest pains,

  • 11 ladies a fainting,

  • 10 yobs with stab wounds,

  • 9 long bone fractures,

  • 8 pulmonary embolisms,

  • 7 kids with bruises,

  • 6 diabetic hypos,

  • 5 “Golden Hours!”

  • 4 blocked catheters,

  • 3 RTCs,

  • 2 epileptics fitting,

  • and a drunk leant against a lavatory!!!


Are we all in the Christmas spirit yet?