999…Believe Me…This Happens…A Lot…!!!

October 19, 2008

I would not last five minutes working in Ambulance Control. I know that there is sometimes a ‘them & us’ thing between front-line Ambulance crews and those that work in ‘Puzzle Palace’  but I give them the utmost respect for dealing with these jokers!

A very small sample of the calls I have been called to over the years include the chap who had a headache and could not get the top off his paracetamol container…the lady who wanted her curtains drawing…the woman who had broken a fingernail…someone who wanted us to put their husband to bed…etc etc etc.

But the difference being is that these calls I went to have been over a very long time in service. Command & Control deal with these calls every day and have to try and filter them out!!! We can now build up a case file against the regular abusers of the 999 system but the one-offs get away with their ludicrous demands and suffer no penalty!

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