‘Can You See Me Now…?’

October 12, 2008

A very busy night shift the other night nearly ended in my crew mate and myself being launched into orbit through certain drivers inabilities to use their ******* rear view mirrors or to be able to hear the ******* sirens on our big yellow flashing truck!!!

Most drivers are very good at pulling over safely or judging distances to enable us to pass them without everyone concerned having to change their underwear! But…!!! There is always at least one who does things differently…always one who defies the laws of normal intelligence or plain common sense…always one who either:

* slams on the brakes in front of us!

* tries to accelerate away from us and ends up impeding progress at next set of lights!

* realises at the last moment that ‘yes we are on an emergency’ and suddenly throws the car into a dangerous manoeuvre

* or just plainly ignores us and bimbles along in front of us either totally oblivious to the big yellow, flashing, noisy thing behind them or just does not care!!!

I don’t know why but we had a combination of all these in one shift! As I say most people are good at letting us past but we seemed to be coming up against some really bad drivers! Have a look at the ‘Road Safety’ video explaining what to do when dealing with an Ambulance on an emergency call. The second video shows what can (and unfortunately does) happen when things go a bit ‘Pete Tong’!

This happened in London when a Gas van crashed into a RRV. Blues and Twos were on but the van did not see the RRV. The RRV pilot escaped serious injury (as did the Gas van driver) but a member of the public was injured and suffered a fractured leg! The RRV vehicle was a complete write off! Given that it happened in a busy High Street its lucky that it wasn’t far worse!

Please drive safely, use your REAR VIEW MIRRORS and

listen out for the sirens approaching. And DONT panic!