Education, Education, Education…!!!

October 10, 2008

This is a post highlighting the importance of getting the right help when having chest pains. Tom Reynolds has done this post already and I am just repeating the message. But as Tom says he never under estimates chest pains. I know through experience that chest pains can be brought on by all manner of things. These include chest infections, musculo-skeletal injuries or illnesses and stress to name but a few. This is an excellent video which I think gets the message across…….

And don’t think chest pains only affect big, fat males who smoke or the elderly. It can hit anyone, anytime, anywhere. I once attended someone who thought they had pulled a muscle in their chest through lifting a heavy object. His wife called us because he was sweating “a bit too much”.Only when we did our ECGs and other examinations did he realise he was having a major MI (Myocardial Infarction = Heart Attack). In general young people don’t tend to have chest pains…they drop down dead usually through Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) or Brugada Syndrome.

But it happens, and I have been to primary school kids, teenagers, fit and healthy people who have all had some kind of cardiac event. Its not just the crinklies who get chest pains!!! As medicine becomes more efficient and research sheds more light on the heart education becomes even more important. We need to get rid of stereotypes….anyone can have chest pains, anyone can have a heart attack!!! 

If In Doubt Get Someone Out…!!!