Blanket Coverage…

January 4, 2007


It is cold, it is windy, in fact it is blowing a gale. Sending an icy chill through to my bones…and I,m not ill (well not physically!)

The patients we,ve been out to for this morning have been subject to those winter ailments expected at this time of year….chest infections, exacerbation of COPD and other associated illnesses.

And all we have to cover them in to keep them warm as we carry them from their nice warm homes to our truck is a small thin white blanket that bears more of a resemblence to a net cutain!

Over the years in the Ambulance Service, we have obtained at quite considerable cost lorry loads of new blankets. Nice big, thick warm blankets that can easily cover the patient and keep them safe from the biting winds and the freezing cold. They have even had the service name printed/embroidered onto them so as to keep track of them. (the blankets not the patients!)

 We even bought coloured blankets so that they would not end up on hospital wards or in nursing homes. Vibrant colours like red (hides the blood better), dark green (hides the snot and sputum from chest infections better) and sky blue (for ex Royal Air Force people?) 


The thing is….where have they all gone??

And can we have them back please?

Are they all stored in some former patients attic along with all the other bits of essential kit like pillows?


Anyone any ideas where they have all gone to…?