Third Watch…..

January 16, 2007


Third Watch

I,m not one to usually sit at home and watch work related stuff but last year my attention had been drawn to a brilliant series from across the pond. Titled “Third Watch” (1500 hrs – 2300 hrs shift) it follows the day to day lives of the New York Paramedics, Police Officers and Firefighters of the 55rd precinct.

I first came across this whilst off work having snapped my Achilles tendon. It was on Channel 4 in the afternoons and soon became my highlight of televisual feasting. The only problem was that the episodes were sometimes aired out of sync. So I was very pleased to receive the DVD box-set from Mrs. Magic at Christmas.


Its a bit like Casualty only better as it concentrates more on the Paramedic side rather than the hospital setting. The series shows all the interactions between the separate agencies and with the members of the public. It really does make The Bill look like the old Z Cars of yesteryear. Each episode builds on the preceding events and you watch the characters change their views, attitudes and lives due to the experiences they all encounter. There is a sense of realism in every episode and the set pieces are impressive just as the fires/explosions in Londons Burning were.  


What I enjoyed about the first series (there have been 6) was the portrayal of the “newbies”, the new larkers, the fresh out of training school Paramedics, Police and Firefighters. It was interesting to see how they fared in their new positions and I could relate to a lot of what they went through. If you get the chance have a look at this series as I think its the “mutts nuts!” 


New Yorks Finest…


Whats Your Poison….?

January 16, 2007

Everything in moderation….except Guinness.


A woman in California has died recently from excessive intake of water.