Ambulance Fashion…!

Smart Lad…

Many moons ago in the far off distant past, when daily Ambulance station duties included getting fresh hay for the horses, the subject of quality Ambulance uniform and especially appropriate footwear was never far from our lips.

I was issued with my first pair of black, lace up shoes with a shiny patent leather look in eighteen hundred and frozen to death. I was to transform from a fashionable man about town wearing platform shoes, 20″ Oxford “baggies“, large collared (think Harry Hill) shirt, 3 Star decorated jumper and yellow and purple coloured “Budgie” jacket. My fashion sense was awesome!

Ambulance Dress Uniform – Formal

Now I was kitted out in the kind of shoes that used to get kids beat up at school! My new attire was a dashing two piece tunic of blue with shiny silver buttons topped off with a peaked hat emblazoned with the County Ambulance Service badge of the time. Being ex forces I soon slashed my peak so it sat perched on the ridge of my nose, and shaped the top so that it sloped down both sides of my head. Looking back I must have looked like something off “On The Buses!”

For protection against the elements, and at RTAs, we were given a black knee length double breasted trench coat with waist belt. (This was followed shortly after with the issue of dark orange vests as worn by railway men due to the propensity of road staff becoming injured at night time.) A blue shirt was worn by us humble road staff and white shirts by Station Officers and the LAs (Leading Ambulancemen). A quantity of black neck ties were also issued (this is just shortly before the introduction of clip on ties).

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
The “Flasher Mac”….

For obvious reasons we were forever getting confused with the Police as their uniform was very similar to ours. This made attending drink related incidents interesting if not sometimes dangerous. Trying to reason with a drunk intent on taking on the world that you are not the Police when all he can see in his befuddled state is a blue tunic and silver buttons is the legend of times past in mess rooms up and down the country.

Of course in those days the job was different to todays shenanigans. Clinical assessment was the “Three Ps”

  • Pick em      (from the floor/house/street)
  • Put em in   (into the truck)
  • Piss off!      (scoop & run to the nearest A/E)

Times have changed and the uniform now reflects our role on a more practical level. Non more so than that of the humble Ambulance foot wear. Over the years Ambulance staff have contributed to the design and development of a decent pair of “Dog Kickers.”  When the situation arises and the need dictates then there is no more satisfying sound than that of the “muffled tunk!” as steel toecap connects with canine rear!

Summer Dress Code – Light Order

The only down side to the new footwear is the tread….fine for the extra grip when trying to purchase a hold on the motorway embankment or making light work of the frozen footpath….but an absolute bugger for getting dog shit out of before going home!

Perhaps a University type bod out there may wish to take this up as a project. The design and development of the perfect Ambulance Boot (aka Dog Kickers) with the added bonus of easy clean tread! Can you guess what one of my most recent jobs involved?

German Para Boots…
Vorsprung Dog Kicknik

19 Responses to Ambulance Fashion…!

  1. Bendygirl says:

    Wow, I really like that trench coat, it’s very Cap’n Jack! Isn’t it funny how no-one seems to like issue boots, the BYM has some great lightweight ones he’s bought as they’re good for driving, I’m sure they have a reinforced toe cap, I’ll ask him what make they are, and I’ve still got my reliable Hi-tec magnums from my cadet days. Lil sis

  2. Did you have hours of fun doing ‘Google images searches’ for ‘boots and suspenders’

  3. Kingmagic says:

    BG….boots have got better, now wearing Magnum Protectors…dodgy tread though.

    UHDD…the boots and suspenders image is actually of Leading Ambulancewoman Doris Scudbucket. This picture was used in a recruiting campaign which led to an explosion in applications….mostly for the wrong reasons!

  4. Linda says:

    I very much like that coat, too. Thanks for posting.. some interesting stuff I found today 🙂

  5. Emma says:

    Funny!! Thought you had got hold of my secret pics…lol..xx

  6. Nick Hough says:

    That trenchcoat would probably keep you drier than any hi-vis garment you can buy. But obviously looking a bit like a SS Waffen Stormtrooper might convey the wrong message to some of your patients… 😉


  7. PS says:

    u are a gifted writer. you have the abilty to make the dullest things interesting. thankyou so much

    keep posting

  8. professional says:

    Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

  9. foxx says:

    Nice coat and boots. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to get one.

  10. kingmagic says:

    PS…thank you for your kind comment. I’ll do my best.

    foxx…not too sure about your fashion sense there foxx?

  11. Eddie says:

    I wonder where i can buy that trenchcoat ?! Is there any website i can order it?

  12. kingmagic says:

    Eddie…I’m just a bit concerned about your fashion sense! Each to their own I suppose.

  13. Eddie says:

    kingmagic…whats the problem, i dont think we live in same country, so the chans that we will meet whit same outwear is not a big risk.

    that outwear is very nice. It would be very nice of you if you could give me the name of that jacket

  14. kingmagic says:

    Eddie…no problem mate! The coat is called a ‘Trenchcoat’. Enjoy!

  15. Eddie says:

    kingmagic…haha yea i know, but whats the name of that trenchcoat, theres a lot of different trenchcoats

  16. kingmagic says:

    Eddie…sorry mate, dont know the name/type of the coat. The only thing I can suggest is print off the picture and show it to a tailor or clothes shop. Or if you ‘Google’ ‘Trenchcoat’ it might throw some light on it.

  17. Very interesting post.

    Trench coats are extremely fashionable these days from teens to pensioners.

    Short, long, wool, leather – there’s one to suit everybody.

    If you want more information >>

    Well worth a read.

  18. The Dentist says:

    I wouldn’t like to have to get the dog sh*t out of that tread… although you’d be surprised what I have to dig out of people’s mouths!

  19. supercilious says:

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    myself, simply visit this site daily because it provides feature
    contents, thanks

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