The Giraffes Goolies…!

December 1, 2009

Just a short addition to the many merits of the Magnum ‘Ion-Mask’ boots

On my last night shift I seemed to have become a vomit magnet. Two patients vomited over me (was it something I said?). Luckily the angle of the technicolour yawn meant that it was directed towards the earth. This resulted in a splash down on my boots! The aforementioned vomitus ran off the black leather like water off a ducks back. Marvellous!

A picture of diced carrots!

Only problem was the laces…which seemed to attract ‘carrots’, ‘sultannas’ and some other dubious looking material. My uniform trousers took most of the fallout from the patients adventurous stomach contents and had a habit of reactivating the pleasant aroma even after copious sponging down. (It was a very cold night and the vehicle heater was a double-edged sword!).

Just thought I’d let you know…carry on with your tea now.  

Ps…no giraffes or carrots were harmed in the making of this post!