Tiny Terrors…!!!

November 9, 2009


Another example of kids running amok. On first glance you would think it would be easy to speak to the 6 year olds…but they would have the full force of the law, social services and the press claiming brutal treatment by the paramedics or that their human rights had been breached!

This happened in Manchester…a little girl was injured and the paramedic RRVĀ response car was attacked…and then the back up ambulance crew were threatened with being shot by a gang of little shits!

This is the news report…

Nothing will happen to these kids…nothing will be done to help the parents to keep their feral offspring out of trouble…just another incident to add to the others that happen everyday in this country. And these kids will grow up to be even more anti-social and kick out at everything. It’s these kids who will one day very soon stamp on the head of an innocent person and claim it is their right to do what they want!!!

It’s not going to be long before this happens…!!!