Busy is not the word…!!!

I’ve been involved in a project for the past couple of months hence the sparsity of posts. This project involves responding to 999 calls from people who seem to be one cell up from an amoeba. My service is jumping on us to get there faster, treat more effectively and therefore clear sooner at scene or hospital and to treat (as in listen patiently as some plank rabbits on rather than actually ‘treating’ a real deserving patient!).

We need to educate the public on when they should call for an ambulance. Only a few years ago it would have been common to anecdotally relate only a few inappropriate calls ie ‘need the curtains drawing’, ‘cant find the remote control’ ‘I’m lonely’ ‘cant get the top off a childproof container’ etc. But now we seem to be getting so many stupid calls that undoubtably affect our target chasing of ORCON that we are getting penalised financially (for missing the ORCON time)  and the general public dont get the full story.

Education should involve self-treatment for minor ailments/injuries and information on what is and what is not a 999 priority. You do not dial 999 because you ‘cant sleep’ or ‘I thought I would get an ambulance to hospital then I can go shopping after my checkup with the A/E being in the city centre’. A lot of people out there need to have a word with themselves!

And the number of calls we get for ‘Swine Flu’ that turns out to be nothing more than a sniffle….and I mean a sniffle….is staggering! The Ambulance Service is changing culturally and becoming more academically focused and gaining more skills and recognition and starting to have its own voice within the NHS….but nothing is being done to tell the general public (and GPs) when and when not to call for an ambulance! 


8 Responses to Busy is not the word…!!!

  1. tom gane says:

    First of all Purple, good to see you back.

    Happily, I was in the service during the transition from the culture of ‘swoop and scoop’ to, ‘stay and play.’ No, not for one minute do I think we would play with a patients life, but the fact was, ‘how best to get the warm body’ to hospital? Brutal philosophy yes! Fact yes, with an uncaring government with tight purse-strings. Indeed, the lifepak 5 was purchased not by our authority, but the generous donations from Boots customers, while off- duty bodes pottered about on their day off.

    I have been privilaged to come across some very good EMS blogs, and I sincerely hope you will keep your excellent contribution within the Blog-sphere.

  2. Rach says:

    Great to see you back, I have missed you, there is a project currently running with us around the very thing you talk about here, it’s in it’s early stages but I have already have a few discussions about it.

    It can’t happen soon enough as far as I am concerned.

    And as long as it involves the patient groups it should go a long way towards improving patients perception of what you are there for…missed you mate..xx

  3. kingmagic says:

    Thanks Tom, thanks Rach…
    did not realise it has been so long. Will endeavour to time-manage better.

  4. Dave says:

    Here in Israel you get issued with a bill to pay – either at the Magen David Adom (our International Red Cross emergency service member) or at the post office/bank etc – _IF_ the call was justified the full cost (in most cases) will be refunded by the Health Fund (public health insurance) – similarly the Emergency Room costs – unless you are exempt (justified, leads to admission, foreign body in eye, needs stitching etc…). On the whole it works – and if someone _really_ can’t afford it there are ways of authorising an exemption.
    The UK really should adopt this sort of system.

  5. Louise says:

    Here here!!! I’ll second that motion!The amount of daft calls we’ve been going to are just ridiculous.

    Good to see you back!

  6. Bendy Girl says:

    Good to see you back big bro! Sounds like a very interesting and long overdue project, I look forward to hearing about the difference it makes,
    lots love, Lil Sis, BG Xx

  7. kingmagic says:

    Dave…I like Israels idea, sounds common sense to me.

    Louise…stupid calls are the same all around the country made by stupid people who are sometimes too stupid to realise they are stupid…I think!

    Lil sis…nice to be back…I’ll have to catch up with what you’ve been doing.

  8. Deborah Parr says:

    Did someone really say they were going shopping after their appointment??? Are they thick or just cheeky? Or ignorant of what an emergency ambulance actually does??

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