Back in the Bus…update soon…!!!

Things have been very hectic for the past couple of months so hence the abscence of posts.

Will post soon just as soon as I get the chance…hang in there.



12 Responses to Back in the Bus…update soon…!!!

  1. piratedani says:

    funny that, I was just about to drop you a line, polietly demanding to know weather or not you were dead… or not.

    anyway, glad to see your not.
    Since you’ve been so busy, I bet you have many a wild tale to regail us all with…

  2. Oona says:

    How serendipity! I was just thinking of you and wondering how you are. I’m glad you posted and glad you are okay. I have another net friend in the states who is a paramedic, and I keep trying to get him to visit you here, but he’s busy too. I think you would have a lot in common. He’s very nice too.

  3. Funny, as NYC slang for ambulances are “busses,” as in “35V, I have the patient on the bus now.”

  4. Mason says:


    I’m a teacher of sociology in the states. I came across your December 29, 2006 posting about the new “greens” you wear. What caught my attention was your comment about how the old uniforms, which made you look like the police, caused a lot of heartache. I’d like to use your comments as testimony in my class. Currently, our school trains a lot of EMTs and there appears to be an emerging sentiment by a lot of them to carry guns. As absurd as this sounds, their reasoning is that they service (or will) very tough neighborhoods and would like to have the protection of a firearm. Your words could greatly help dispel that notion. I’m hoping you’ll give me permission to use them. Mason.

  5. kingmagic says:

    Mason…please feel free to use. As a Paramedic I need to be impartial and not side with anyone…just be on the patients side in terms of treatment etc.

    In the UK though, where at one time we were afforded neutrality by all and sundry, we now are coming under attack more and more from the local dickheads who have no sense of responsibility or social order other than their own little world.

    To carry a firearm would lead to all sorts of dangers not least ‘suicide by Paramedic’ (as in suicide by cop)and all manner of troubles.

    In a nutshell if we feel threatened or are sent to a dodgey scene we wait for Police backup and dont go in.

    It would be interesting to hear the outcome of your testimony to your class.


  6. What a relief to hear news of some happy event. On my site, I wonder if things have become so bad that people can taste how tense and uneasy I am these days.

    I guess it may have become much easier to recognise the symptoms of yet another police blog spiralling into terminal wimper.

  7. tom gane says:

    Dear Purple,

    Please come back. I am relatively new to the blog sites, but had the good fortune to find the ECG dance.

    Hysterical, and as an old stretcher monkey to my modern counterpart, please get posting!

  8. Oona says:

    It’s October already. Where are you? :-/

  9. tom gane says:


    We will just have to wait for the maestro..

    Still checking Purple.

  10. Yo! You still out there????

  11. kingmagic says:

    Still here…just!
    Really busy at moment with work, family and uni.
    Will make time soon…ish.
    Hang in there…
    SWAB will be back.

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