The ECG Through the Medium of Verse…!!!

Thanks to emsguy64 for pointing me in the direction of this. A superb and slick teaching aid to reinforce the learning of a sometimes confusing cardiac arrhythmia. After twenty years of dealing with heart blocks I am quite confident with the recognition and underlying pathophysiology of the various types. But in the early years it was a constant battle to keep upto speed with the old memory banks. I might go a whole year without seeing 3rd degree complete heart block or any of the other fascinating types.

Its always good to find things that help you remember rather than having to try and have it indelibly imprinted on your brain via laborious lectures. So I might start using these vids to help some of the newbies remember their heart blocks. Apart from the actual teaching element it is a good vid in its own right. Enjoy.


8 Responses to The ECG Through the Medium of Verse…!!!

  1. medicblog999 says:

    Another classic one!!

    Do you just spend all day looking through you tube for cool ECG teaching vids????

    If so, please feel free to continue!!

  2. kingmagic says:

    medicblog999…I find ECGs fascinating (I must get out more!)

  3. nickopotamus says:

    Hahahaha – awesome 😀

  4. tom gane says:

    As a recent refugee, washed up on the shores of Blogland, I have been trawling through the treasures that are normally within the realm of my clever son and daughters.

    What a revelation, and a brilliant medium for ‘teaching’ cardiac episodes for the uninitiated.

    Very funny.

  5. Bendy Girl says:

    Hey Big Bro,
    It’s been a while since you posted so I’m just stopping by to say hi & I hope you and yours are all ok?
    Be Safe, lil sis
    BG x x x

  6. kingmagic says:

    Hi lil sis…thanks for asking. Things are hectic at work and I need more hours in the day.

    With that I am seriously contemplating closing the old blog. Just not got round to it yet as I keep thinking I should continue but the brain cells are battling against the mind cells…need sleep, food and more holidays!

    Take care..Big Bro xx

  7. Emma says:

    Sorry I missed you the other night, keep in touch, hope everything is ok?..xx

  8. Omar Abdullah says:

    I am a student who is doing a proect for dida,i need your chillin to the max photo, but i cant find your direct email address anwhere so if you could contact me on my email, i would be very grateful, only me and an examiner would see this image.

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