The Shining…!

Heres Johnny!

‘Heres Johnny!!!’

Another instance of the ever increasing dangers in my profession. It wont be too long before one of us is killed! We need better equipment and better training. Ideally TASER along with complete body armour and shields! Unfortunately these attacks make it difficult to let your guard down and you can find your self treating each patient with suspicion and distrust. As I’ve said before this is becoming all too common and sooner, rather than later, one of us will die!

click link Paramedics held hostage by knife man! 

Until then we will carry on without stab vests, radios that don’t work and non practical ‘crisis resolution training’.I personally don’t like going into blocks of flats as the potential for things to go very ‘Pete Tong’are great. On occasion I have had to dodge the odd TV or fridge being dropped from an upper floor balcony on approach to the lobby. Or the lifts don’t work, or there are gangs of ‘yoofs’ hanging around. All too often these flats are inhabited by drug dealers and users.

We should be issued with some kind of protection in addition to stab vests. CS gas would be a good start…it would at least give us a chance to run instead of having to defend ourselves with an O2 bag or blanket!

Tom Reynolds

This article from Tom Reynolds of  ‘Random Acts…’  in 2007 (click on pic for story) reinforces my belief that things are getting worse. We need to protect our selves because it is not being taken seriously and that is why I can see one of my colleagues, or even myself, being killed whilst on duty. We have laws in place to protect us…but a piece of paper is not going to stop a knife, bullet or fist from hurting us. It needs sorting…NOW! 


11 Responses to The Shining…!

  1. Louise says:

    I agree something needs to be done other than the Ambulance service saying that we need to Risk Assess every situation. We can only risk assess what we see as we see it and sometimes by that time it can be too late.

    I had a very drunk and aggressive person on board the ambulance today and felt very uncomfortable about my position. All was fine but it does highlight the situations we can be faced with.

  2. esworp says:

    Letter to MP dispatched. One probably won’t help, but if enough do it…
    And he is the shadow health bod, so he might raise it to score a few points.
    Be safe.

  3. LC says:

    Taking the oxy cylinder out of the bag and you have a rather solid club to discourage some idiot if necessary, and the good old standby of the mag-light to the head (though I don’t know if UK ambos have them). Though by the sounds of it, if you actually did defend yourself you would be the one in hot water.

    An interesting (anecdotal) one for the local paras, is that they have some sort of sedative known informally as “Shut the F**k Up” in the vehicle. If the patient starts getting rowdy (and hence dangerous in a moving vehicle) they threaten or give him a dose of STFU and things get better for everyone.

  4. Rach says:

    And then you get some prick in my local area that goes to the papers because Ambo staff stood back and waited for police assistance in an area where anything could have happened to them…..arghhh….you know my feelings, I wish I could do more to help but I will continue fighting in your corner for as long as I can….xx

  5. Rach says: Try this one mate, I suppose if we don’t try we don’t anything, even though I didn’t hear a thing about my last one…xx

  6. Bendy Girl says:

    I was about to ask if the petition to provide ambulance staff with stab vests got anywhere! Is that a new petition Rach?
    I think we should force MP’s to spend friday and saturday nights for a month with ambulance crews, paid for out of their own expenses naturally. That’s probably what it’ll take to get them to wake up and legislate for your protection
    Stay safe Big bro, lil sis x

  7. Nick Hough says:

    I know that the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) started trialling stab-vests in April 2008. Although I don’t know what the outcome of that was – I’ve never seen crews wearing them, and St John have no provision to be provided with them whilst we’re working alongside them in Shropshire that I know about.

    I do know that South West Ambulance Service (SWAS) provide their crews (and their students) with stab-vests.


  8. Tom Reynolds says:

    Fuck me! Next time you have a horrific picture like that please stick it under a warning of something. Scared the crap out of me…

  9. kingmagic says:

    Tom…did you not proof read your article or get the chance to see your pic before it was published? Could have been worse…

  10. kingmagic says:

    Louise…you dont have to put up with aggressive drunks. Sure, try to placate them and treat them but if they continue…chuck them off the truck.

    esworp…thanks. MPs have been aware of this for years but as I’ve said until one of us dies it aint gonna change.

    LC…thats the thing about our country now…if we defend ourselves it us that has to justify it. If you are a twatty scum bag in this country then you are looked after…if you are hard working, you are persecuted.

    Rach…thanks Rach. Sign of the times. Every shift I am coming across aggro. Glad to have you in my corner. x

    Lil sis…an MP would not last five minutes. But they would soon realise how unprotected we really are. Big Bro x

    Nick Hough…stab vests should be the minimum standard. We need proper conflict resolution training as well.

  11. Dave says:

    You don’t want CS mate, the yoof would just start attacking ambulance crews to steal the CS, after all they already mug people for stab vests, so you’d just end up having more stuff they want to steal from you. It’s not all that anyway…

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