The Shining…!

May 26, 2009

Heres Johnny!

‘Heres Johnny!!!’

Another instance of the ever increasing dangers in my profession. It wont be too long before one of us is killed! We need better equipment and better training. Ideally TASER along with complete body armour and shields! Unfortunately these attacks make it difficult to let your guard down and you can find your self treating each patient with suspicion and distrust. As I’ve said before this is becoming all too common and sooner, rather than later, one of us will die!

click link Paramedics held hostage by knife man! 

Until then we will carry on without stab vests, radios that don’t work and non practical ‘crisis resolution training’.I personally don’t like going into blocks of flats as the potential for things to go very ‘Pete Tong’are great. On occasion I have had to dodge the odd TV or fridge being dropped from an upper floor balcony on approach to the lobby. Or the lifts don’t work, or there are gangs of ‘yoofs’ hanging around. All too often these flats are inhabited by drug dealers and users.

We should be issued with some kind of protection in addition to stab vests. CS gas would be a good start…it would at least give us a chance to run instead of having to defend ourselves with an O2 bag or blanket!

Tom Reynolds

This article from Tom Reynolds of  ‘Random Acts…’  in 2007 (click on pic for story) reinforces my belief that things are getting worse. We need to protect our selves because it is not being taken seriously and that is why I can see one of my colleagues, or even myself, being killed whilst on duty. We have laws in place to protect us…but a piece of paper is not going to stop a knife, bullet or fist from hurting us. It needs sorting…NOW!