Bimble on a Bulb…!

May 25, 2009

blue bulb

Recovering from another hectic night shift! It was manic! We did 13 jobs in a 12 hour shift. It was the usual hotch potch mix of the weird and wonderful with a couple of real life threatening cases thrown in.

Starting at 1900 hours and 9 minutes into checking out the truck we got our first job…and that’s when the fun and games began!

  • 20 year old male with…flu like symptoms. He had…Flu!
  • 93 year old lady fallen from a chair…no injuries.
  • 22 year old male confused…totally drunk!
  • Male early twenties assaulted…minor head injury. Drink related.
  • One of our regular callers, assaulted…he is a knob! Drink related. I would assault him!
  • Male laid out in the street, aggressive…drunk!
  • 8 year female, neck injury…fell off swing…c spine immobilisation to be on the safe side!
  • 58 year old male, diabetic hypo…unconscious with a BM of 1.1! Recovered after injection of Glucagon.
  • 18 year old female with abdo pain…query ectopic pregnancy.
  • Female in twenties?…heroin overdose…respiratory arrest!
  • Female age unknown, collapsed…drunk!
  • 20 year old female…tampon stuck! (you know where!)…Drunk!
  • 61 year old male, SOB (shortness of breath)…resps 40 per min, BP down, heart rate 140 per min!

Only seven jobs out of thirteen that were drink related! That was good going, usually its more so I count myself lucky that we only had seven alcohol based jobs!

The heroin overdose was full on. We were directed into a dingy downstairs room where we found her…unconscious, cyanosed and in respiratory arrest. She looked like she was too far gone at first but she had a good radial pulse of approx 100 per min. I bagged her with the BVM to get some O2 into her body while my crew mate drew up the NARCAN for me. After giving her two lots of 400 ‘mikes’ NARCAN I.M. she made a respiratory effort. It was assisted with the old ‘sit up and yank’.

her od 

She finally started to breath for herself and then opened her eyes…I advised her to come with us to A/E as the NARCAN would wear off after a short while…with which she told us to ‘F**k off!’ We left advice with her ‘friend’ (who had been sharing a ‘pin’ (needle) with her that night but he said he did not know her…at all! Strange people some of these IV drug users! But…if he had not called us I’m pretty sure she would have died and become yet another statistic.

So…that was one lot of jobs for one crew on a typical night shift. And all the other crews were just as busy with similiar incidents. Some went to stabbings, others went to RTCs, a few went to serious assaults (where the patient eventually ended up in ICU) and one crew went to the classic…‘foreign object up rectum!’

‘Bimble on a Bulb’

Driving ‘on the light’ with a sense of urgency but not in a fast manner. 

amb night