#Fire! Fire!…Fetch the Engine!#…Ooops!

fire trucks

I’ve been following this over the past few days. For any other emergency service or any other industry for that matter, this would be seen as a major embarrassment, a huge, cringe making, red faced absolutely full on decades worth of piss taking material.

Not for the Fire Brigade (Service) though. I have always envied their PR machine, it is second to none. Read any paper anywhere in the country and when the Fire Brigade are mentioned in relation to an incident you would think they were the only ones there and that the Ambulance and Police bods had not even attended.

That is because we, the Ambulance Service and the Police, are too busy to make sure the papers and reporters have got all the details of the incident attended. We have more important things to do. So, in the public eye, it is the Fire Brigade that does everything. Don’t get me wrong…when they do attend a serious incident they do really earn their money. 

So in the instance of the loss of several very expensive fire appliances, they still manage to knock out the usual spiel about how well they had done fighting the fire. If it was some disaster within the Ambulance Service or Police, even of a minor nature, there would be no mention of daring do and heroic deeds…it would be recrimination and calls for sackings.

This is not a side swipe at Trumpton (our colleagues in arms) but a view on their capacity to utilise the press to the best advantage. Have a look at some of the other papers that reported this and the comments from other fire chiefs will have you reaching for the vomit bowl! 

trumpton fire brigade


One Response to #Fire! Fire!…Fetch the Engine!#…Ooops!

  1. tom gane says:

    I recall that during my brief and inglorious career with the then Surrey Ambulance Service, there was a fair degree of envy about the Fire Service PR machine.

    Rather cruelly, we referred to the Fire Service as the ‘window cleaners’ speckled with many whispered roll calls starting with Pugh, Pugh Barley…. I think you get the picture. Anyhow, I agree that when they had to earn their pennies, they did the business, though it always confused me when reading the local rag, it appeared a mysterious compartment suddenly grew from the side of their appliance, allowing the window cleaners to take casualties to hospital.

    Not just my imagination then?

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