Full Monty…well almost!!!

May 7, 2009

There is an age old law stipulating that is an offence to buy alcohol whilst in uniform. I think it harks back to the days of the Bow Street Runners or early Robert Peel Police? (Any Police officers out there please correct me if I’m wrong)

But I don’t know where or when it crossed over to the other emergency services or anyone else in uniform. We seem to be living in a bizarre country where it is the norm for people to get killed or maimed by criminals on a daily basis and virtually get off  with a paltry sentence.

But law abiding, and community contributing, citizens are being harassed by petty officialdom and archaic laws. TESCO’s (and some other leading companies) are leading the way in pissing people off with their interpretation of law and policy. Asking senior citizens for proof of age or refusing to sell someone a spoon because one had been implicated in a murder are others that spring to mind!

Now an off duty Paramedic had to resort to drastic measures when refused a bottle of wine in a TESCO’s supermarket. He was interviewed by Police and may face Ambulance Service disciplinary proceedings on top! What are we doing in this once great country?

This is the report of the incident.   


Paramedic saving a life without first checking what the patient is wearing!

The list of stupid rules seems to be growing on an hourly basis! Anyone else heard of stuff like this and what should, or can, we do to redress the balance?