Health & Safety Gone Mad…!!!

'You've called us for what...!!!
‘You’ve called us for what…!!!

This must be spreading…

I was called recently to an address where the wife of an enthusiastic DIYer was unhappy at how her husband was using his circular saw! She thought he might have an accident! We really need to start charging people for these ridiculous calls instead of letting it became the norm.

The full story of the BBC over reacting to Health & Safety rules is found here…‘you couldn’t make it up!’


8 Responses to Health & Safety Gone Mad…!!!

  1. piratedani says:

    oh dear. I doubt this is what you trained for.
    So, there was no injury at all? Not even call for a small plaster? Goodness, sounds like someone needs a slap round the back of the head.

    what was the call given as? I would have been seething if it was a red1.

  2. kingmagic says:

    I think it was given as an Amber…then stand down. I wish we could educate the public more on the right reasons for calling us.

    And wish that we could indeed slap people round the back of the head!

    We’ll leave that to SWAB Team 6.

  3. Rach says:

    Oooo Swab Team 6, they must be due out again some time soon…..stay safe Mr…xx

  4. piratedani says:

    see, im not the only one a fan of SWAB team 6!!!!

    *continues to bounce up and down in anticipation*

  5. Nice pic though mate, Mrs Area approves.

    And wants me to also join the tactical division of SWAB team in order to get a better uniform than I have at the moment.

  6. kingmagic says:

    Rach…thanks, SWAB are back.

    piratedani…bounce no more.

    ATNS…thanks but the pic is not of me. I’m 6 ft 4 and look like George Clooney. (Or I might be 4 ft 6 and look like George Formby)!

  7. I guessed it wasn’t you… but I think that she’s quite happy with pretty much any Ambo picture.

    Basically, anybody that isn’t a copper…

  8. ash says:

    i think my 2 most ridiculous call outs were to the woman who’d bought a new TV and couldn’t figure out the remote and the bloke who’d pulled up his carpet for some reason and “just need a hand putting it back down”… neither were ill, injured or even drunk.

    both of these were given as ‘A’ cat chest pains because they answered yes to certain questions and as such got a sub 8 minute blue light response.

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