Ambulance…the Final Frontier…!!!


I came across this rather interesting article recently and thought it might amuse you.

Interesting ideas but bear in mind these are ‘concept’ vehicles which generate thinking in terms of artistic, engineering performance rather than practicality.

One thing that has not changed in my twenty years in the service…the crap suspension. Some years ago I recall a council paying out nearly a million pounds to develop  a ‘detector’ vehicle which would scan for bumps in the road surface. this would lead to road improvements before they got worse. To save money they could have asked any ambulance service in the country to lend them a vehicle. Our ambulances are guaranteed to find any minor bump the size of a matchstick and turn it into a speedbump!

Another misguided element to this report is the belief that we should be responding at light speed to emergencies. At the moment we are flying to absolute crap…and its getting worse! Imagine a state of the art vehicle rammed with high tech gear and highly trained Paramedics/Technicians belting it to an emergency (as with call connect we have to respond to every call as if it is life threatening before the controller has even elicited what is wong with the patient!) and rocking up at the address for a nosebleed/cut finger/cold as in sniffles/lonely/wanting the curtains drawn etc etc etc etc etc and even more etc.

I do like the idea of the ejector seat though…but it would depend entirely on control getting the right address!!!

For those unfortunate enough to have travelled in an ambulance do you have any recomendations?


11 Responses to Ambulance…the Final Frontier…!!!

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    My only comment would be to dislocate the shoulders or hips of all those who obstruct ambulances then drive ’em at high speed over speed bumps. It’ll make you very happy 😉 lil sis x

  2. piratedani says:

    I have been in one once. My father fell off a ladder while window cleaning and shattered his ankle.

    Wasnt particularly interesting. The back stank of vomit and the color of the interior was very ‘green’

    I do remember that they took the long route to the hospital. We went to Hemel Hempstead General, which as someone else explained should be called Hemel Humpstead due to all the speed bumps.

  3. Rach says:

    It’s strange you should ask that but I was reading patient opinion site the other day and someone had actually complained about the ambulance, said the staff where fantastic but the ambulance was an uncomfortable ride…..must admit the last time I was in one I was in that much pain I really don’t think I noticed…xx

  4. […] was reading Purpleplus`s blog tonight, and he links us to an article and video on the BBC web site about some futuristic […]

  5. Deborah Parr says:

    I was transferred in one a few hours post-Caesarean – every bend in the road, I felt in the stitches!

  6. Wimby says:

    A proper bloody engine (not a 2.4 diesel towing a small house). And an air horn.

    Swast give you neither!

  7. Jake says:

    Stop buying them from British Leyland?

  8. Eileen says:

    Don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard yas are buying new ambos that are 4-wheel drive but they are being used to replace ones dying in Leeds and such places. Meanwhile in the sticks (i.e. up the moors) they are sent out in snow and ice on single track roads with summer tyres and no chains. I know chains don’t exactly improve the ride of anything – but it might stop the front page piccys of an ambulancce lying on its side. And that has to hurt more than a speed bump.
    My only ride in an ambulance was in Italy down a mountain road with hairpin bends with a nasty break and no pain relief. I felt every bend but other than that it wasn’t too uncomfortable really. That was in a VW van conversion from 15/16 years ago – they were used all over the German-speaking part of Europe. The ones here (Italy) nowadays look dead snazzy, rather more streamlined than the boxes in Britain. Must remember to ask one of the guys at the bottom of the cable cars waiting for broken skiers what they’re like to drive!

  9. emmbee says:

    First off I’d have hose clean saloons. Sort of like those automatic public toilets.
    Next an airhorn. A proper, 400 decibel, “get out of my f***ing way” airhorn.
    Then a grab arm on the side, like some council bin lorries have. Thats to pick up drunks following window triage

  10. kingmagic says:

    BG…would love to dislocate some heads with a baseball bat but management would frown at the potential litigation. x

    piratedani…we had some vehicles once where the management thought snot coloured cupboards would be a good idea. It just made the inside look mucky all the time. Not a good look!

    Rach…us staff are always fantastic! Its a curse at times! The suspension on ambulances is a joke! x


    Deborah Parr…ouch! Hope you still had some stitches left at the end of the journey?

    Wimby…since moving onto diesel trucks there is no power in the lower gears! I dont think diesel engines should be used for ambulance work!

    Jake…British who?

    Eileen…sounds familiar. I was sent on a 4×4 driving course…absolutely loved it, brill time motoring up hills and through mud puddles etc only thing is…I work in a big city where we dont have 4x4s.

    emmbee…like your thinking. I was thinking of having an ejector stretcher in the back for the numpties who kick off. Push of a button and off they fly through the skylight (oops we dont have skylights anymore!).

  11. Medevac says:

    Yeah, It’s looks great and really an interesting thing, thanks a lot.

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