Ambulance…the Final Frontier…!!!

April 8, 2009


I came across this rather interesting article recently and thought it might amuse you.

Interesting ideas but bear in mind these are ‘concept’ vehicles which generate thinking in terms of artistic, engineering performance rather than practicality.

One thing that has not changed in my twenty years in the service…the crap suspension. Some years ago I recall a council paying out nearly a million pounds to develop  a ‘detector’ vehicle which would scan for bumps in the road surface. this would lead to road improvements before they got worse. To save money they could have asked any ambulance service in the country to lend them a vehicle. Our ambulances are guaranteed to find any minor bump the size of a matchstick and turn it into a speedbump!

Another misguided element to this report is the belief that we should be responding at light speed to emergencies. At the moment we are flying to absolute crap…and its getting worse! Imagine a state of the art vehicle rammed with high tech gear and highly trained Paramedics/Technicians belting it to an emergency (as with call connect we have to respond to every call as if it is life threatening before the controller has even elicited what is wong with the patient!) and rocking up at the address for a nosebleed/cut finger/cold as in sniffles/lonely/wanting the curtains drawn etc etc etc etc etc and even more etc.

I do like the idea of the ejector seat though…but it would depend entirely on control getting the right address!!!

For those unfortunate enough to have travelled in an ambulance do you have any recomendations?