Paramedic Attacked in Station…!!!


This incident happened in London recently and involved a knife being used on the Paramedic. Luckily he suffered only minor knife wounds but still sustained a head injury after being hit with a fire extinguisher!

For the full story click here.

My thoughts are with him wishing him a full recovery. My other thoughts are that the bastards who did this get caught and receive a lengthy sentence. But somehow I don’t think that will happen in this once great country of ours! We are getting attacked more and more on a daily basis…it wont be long until one of us is killed!

I can see the day when we are routinely issued with TASERs and body armour just to go about our normal duties!!!

6 Responses to Paramedic Attacked in Station…!!!

  1. This is why some medics I used to work with packed 9mm’s on their shifts. Then again, I worked under somewhat different circumstances than you guys do. I was more likely to have a gun pointed at me than a knife.

  2. Bendy Girl says:

    Awful! We need to be trying to change attitudes and enforcing the law properly instead of worshipping dead celebrities. Sigh. Stay safe please Big Bro! Lil sis x

  3. Rach says:

    I just don’t know what can be done to get tougher sentences for these scroats until we do these things will just go on and on and yes I truly hope that nothing bad happens to make people stand up and take notice…xx

  4. kingmagic says:

    Mr. Nighttime…we are seeing an increase in guns being pointed at us also as well as the old sharp pointy things! Thankfully so far no one has been shot (unless someone knows differently)?

    Rach…sooner or later it is going to happen. One of us will be killed. And then the investigation into how it happened will scapegoat someone if they cant pin it on the crew! The offender will, if caught, get a derisory sentence! x

  5. Louise says:

    Its a scarey part of the job thinking that this can happen. Especially in a place we consider ourselves to be safe.

  6. kingmagic says:

    Lil sis…trying to keep safe is my number one priority at all times. x

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