Dixon of Dock Green it aint…!


Before anyone tries to guess my age by the reference to Dixon of Dock Green I must inform you that I’ve only ever seen repeats of the programme…same as Z Cars…and Softly, Softly…honest…no really…honestly!

The following link will take you into the wonderful world of Ladybird books. I remember these from primary school…and junior school…and the thicko, bad lads in the lowerclass still had them in senior school! 

It was whilst perusing the blogs of other colleagues in public services that I chanced upon this little gem of a Ladybird book on ‘No Offences Disclosed’ blog. Please take your time in reading it and observe the gentleness that was once the hallmark of school reading books. I hope that a Ladybird book will come out on ‘The Ambulanceman/Paramedic/Technician/Driver/Stretcher Monkey sometime.

Enjoy… The Policeman


7 Responses to Dixon of Dock Green it aint…!

  1. Rach says:

    Not old enough? pfttt….lol..xx

  2. kingmagic says:

    Rach…’Not old enough? pfttt…’
    You really must get that wind problem sorted out! x

  3. Paul says:

    My first reaction was “wow, I used to have that book when I was a kid!”

    My second reaction was “hang on, those aren’t the words I remember…”

    My third reaction was to fetch a tissue to mop up the tea I’d just snorted out through my nose.

    Hilarious, as you say, can’t wait for the Ambo version!

  4. ian says:

    Well i’m currently sitting on the top floor of the old policie station where dixon of dockgreen was filmed….

    juwt though you would like to know…

  5. Rosanna says:

    What Paul said.

    I was eating soup. It hurts when it come out your nose.

    Thanks kingmagic, best laugh I’ve had for weeks.

  6. kingmagic says:

    Paul…exactly the same reaction I had when I first saw it. I must remember not to drink tea when reading.

    ian…thanks ian. Why are you there?

    Rosanna…hope it was’nt chunky vegatable soup?

  7. LC says:

    Unfortunatly Ladybird didn’t do one for the Ambos in this series. The closest was “The Nurse”. The best I could find for Stretcher Monkeys from Ladybird was “Topsy and Tim Meet the Ambulance Crew” from 1999.

    Though you could have fun with the name alone changing Topsy and Tim….

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