Dixon of Dock Green it aint…!

March 20, 2009


Before anyone tries to guess my age by the reference to Dixon of Dock Green I must inform you that I’ve only ever seen repeats of the programme…same as Z Cars…and Softly, Softly…honest…no really…honestly!

The following link will take you into the wonderful world of Ladybird books. I remember these from primary school…and junior school…and the thicko, bad lads in the lowerclass still had them in senior school! 

It was whilst perusing the blogs of other colleagues in public services that I chanced upon this little gem of a Ladybird book on ‘No Offences Disclosed’ blog. Please take your time in reading it and observe the gentleness that was once the hallmark of school reading books. I hope that a Ladybird book will come out on ‘The Ambulanceman/Paramedic/Technician/Driver/Stretcher Monkey sometime.

Enjoy… The Policeman