Whole Lotta Soul…!!!

Indulge me for a moment whilst I play one of my favourite tracks from my Northern Soul days.

The Snake by Al Wilson

And here’s a little introduction to the basics of Northern Soul dancing. I’m already digging out my Oxfords and getting my Loafers polished! Keep the Faith!

The genre of Northern Soul always brings a smile to my face…good memories of good music, good dancing, good mates and fantastic fashion sense!!!

I advocate that all Ambulance Services (and possibly Police forces) should arrive on scene and through the ‘medium of dance’  deal with patients (or criminals)! It would lead to a fitter service and encourage patients (or crims) to take up Northern Soul. It could one day take the place of wars and instead of heavy bombardments or invasions opposing countries could have a ‘Dance Off’ instead! Sorted! 

All over the UK

All over the UK






8 Responses to Whole Lotta Soul…!!!

  1. kingmagic says:

    Yes I went a couple of times. Always packed, noisy and the mecca for Northern Soul. Scary stuff when I think back to how long a go it was!

  2. Stuart says:

    I think that whenever an ambulance isn’t using its sirens, it should have an external speaker system that can play a variety of music. Perhaps annoying music, to discourage useless calls.

  3. Emma says:

    I am liking Stuart’s idea but perhaps take it one step further for the frequent flyers something that would really get on their nerves and make them think twice before calling you….Happy New Year by the way if I haven’t already said that….xx

  4. kingmagic says:

    Stuart…good idea in principle but you need to consider the licence required for a ‘mobile discotheque’.

    Emma…Happy New Year and best wishes and all that. Am now looking forward to Easter! xx

  5. Dan says:

    Nice to meet a fellow northern soulie, albeit in cyberspace, Kingmagic.
    I was too young for Wigan – did you ever get to Stafford, Whitchurch, Shotts, the 100 Club and those 80s venues?
    ‘Right Back’ is one of the brilliant early Kent compilation albums from about 1984 – I still have it, along with For Dancers Only, For Dancers Also and the rest of the first 50 releases, at which point I started on original vinyl.
    I like your idea, except that all the amphetamine-induced heart attacks and psychoses might be problematic!

  6. kingmagic says:

    Dan…Only went to Wigan and one other club that I cant remember the name of! I tended to stick to the classic northern soul stuff (the ones I could remember) but mates of mine used to go an independant record shop in our local train station that had all the latest releases from the states etc. Ah vinyl those were the days!

  7. Paramedic Pwte says:

    Maybe we should have an ambo northern soul convention. Alternatively all turn up at a club night. Before we had the kids it was one of the ways I got the job out of my system. I used to knock off at 0100 hrs, get changed and catch a bus into town for the 100 club. One minute you would be working on the trucks and the next dancing away to an obscure Chicago soul tune. It kept me sane at times. ake care, Pete.

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