Water Landing…!!!

Another clip of a plane doing things that planes should’nt!

Will be back soon…need to chill abit…!


6 Responses to Water Landing…!!!

  1. AnneDroid says:

    Oh boy, I could do with a beach holiday somewhere sunny right now. Getting there this way wouldn’t work for me. I need LUGGAGE, man! I couldn’t just jump off the plane onto the beach like that. No no no.

    Hope you get some chill time. Your job’s definitely the kind that demands you are feeling strong and rested.

  2. kingmagic says:

    AnneDroid…I will drop you a line if thats okay?

  3. AnneDroid says:

    Of course. Reply on its way. 🙂

  4. Stay cool, in a warm snug sort of way. x

  5. How’s the chilling going?

    Where do I sign up?

  6. Bendy Girl says:

    Hey Big Bro, I hope your chilling has worked and you’re feeling better by now. Love the snow! Lil sis x

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