Luckiest Pilot, Superb Flyer…!!!


12 Responses to Luckiest Pilot, Superb Flyer…!!!

  1. Emma says:

    Shame if it is fake, where you been stretcher monkey, missed you not heard from you in ages…hope everything is ok with your and yours..xx

  2. Louise says:

    Man Alive! Was waiting for the bang!

  3. piratedani says:

    wow, even if that was fake, its rather unbelievable.

    Missing you too MK 😉

  4. I’ve got a bad feeling about this….

  5. DEBROX says:

    can you write a bit about the saw doctors – how you found out about the band and why you like their music?

  6. kingmagic says:

    AnneDroid…thats what I thought.

    Greybeard…interesting link.

    Emma…still here, busy as ever. Update you soon. x

    Louise…looks pretty scary and you would expect a bang!

    piratedani…thanks Dani.

    Mr. Nighttime…I think the feeling was ‘change underwear time’!

    DEBROX…will do a short post soon on the Saw Doctors.

  7. Stonehead says:

    It’s a viral video made for the KillaThrill clothing label. It’s a combination of a remote control aircraft and a real plane.

    A clever piece of work.

    Oh, and an Israeli Air Fore pilot did manage to land an F15 that lost a wing in a mid-air collision a while back. There are photos of this one floating about and it is genuine.

  8. Decius says:

    Well faked… but with at least one demonstrable flaw: The aircraft passes by a control tower at about :04, then between two pylons at about :06. On landing, the aircraft passes by a control tower at about :46, then passes down the same direction as before, but no pylons.

    Also, I believe that the wind speed/direction indicated by the wind sock in the background at the end is inconsistent with the landing and flight path- according to the wind sock, the aircraft performed precision flying, and then landed, in a rather stiff crosswind.

    I haven’t been able to ID the model of aircraft involved, but many have fuel tanks inside the wing, and all of them have control cabling to the control surfaces from the yoke, as well as electrical and other connections- How did all of those cleanly break?

    As well, if an aircraft (accidentally) lost a control surface at an airshow, any pilot who flew AT the crowd in any way would never fly an airshow again- The right thing to do is perform a “controlled rough terrain landing” in a safe direction, not risk plowing through hundreds of people in an effort to reduce airframe damage.

  9. Gordonjcp says:

    @Decius – a lot of aircraft with demountable wings have couplings for the control surfaces and fuel lines at the wing root. These typically just pop off if overstressed (like, you forgot to take the clevis pin out of the aileron linkage) to avoid damage to the wing or control surface. Since they’re typically not subjected to axial loads, they won’t pop apart in normal flight.

  10. Chrissie says:

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